I’m just going to say it right off the bat, I think this make is the perfect marriage between pattern and fabric. It’s the Halifax Hoodie from Hey June Patterns and if you get the PDF, as I did, It comes together pretty quickly) which comes with a whopping five views; considering how reasonably priced their patterns are this seems like a great deal to me. Not only that, once you’ve made one, I pretty much guarantee you won’t want to stop at that, reusing the pattern again and again! This Atelier Brunette 'Twinkle' Fabric version is my second so far with a third in the pipeline and it’s very unlikely I’ll stop there!
So what is it I love exactly? Simply, this is a make you can knock out in one day and, if you’re anything like me, whose average day consists of running after kids whilst trying to maintain at least the appearance that I’m maintaining some semblance of control, the ability to quickly throw something on that doesn’t give away that you’ve got dressed at the same time as pulling a brush through your hair and trying to find your car keys yet again, is a winner. In other words, it’s a no-brainer of a pattern.
Make it in a really sumptuous fabric like this Atelier Brunette French Terry that’s easy to pair with jeans or leggings, yet still has that something extra - I mean who wouldn’t want gold twinkles for goodness sake – and you elevate the garment to ‘holy grail’ status. I’ve just pre-ordered the grey colourway of the same fabric and I’m really hankering after the pink too. It’s not just a pretty fabric, it’s also gorgeously soft, warm and snuggely. And it has enough body to make it really easy to sew (make sure to use a ballpoint needle!) and so far it has laundered like a dream. I strongly recommend if you’re tempted by the fabric then don’t hang about; long been a bestseller, Minerva have just been lucky to get their hands on what might potentially be the last of this print range from Atelier Brunette. It's arriving soon so keep an eye out on their website and snap it up quick.
I’ll not write here in any depth about the construction of the garment as I’ve covered that in a separate post over on my blog. However, I will say that this was the first time I’ve sewn buttonholes into jersey. Yes, really. Where I’ve needed buttons on a stretch garment before I’ve simply opted for snaps. Here I knew, however, that I wanted a gold cord drawstring at the funnel neck to pick up on the gold highlights in the fabric. Certainly in this fabric, with some interfacing behind them, the buttonholes sewed up, somewhat unsurprisingly, as simply as they would do in a woven. My only regret is not using Gold Thread to sew up the buttonholes or perhaps using 11mm gold eyelets. You can bet I’ll do that next time. The pattern includes a separate piece if you want to self-make your own drawstring. I used a metre of the cord but for the next one I’ve ordered two metres, just to give myself more to play with. 
Thank you Minerva for so kindly sending me the supplies to make a garment I’ll wear and wear!!!
Until next time, happy sewing…and fabric shopping!!
Sarah x