Hi everyone, it’s me Sophie here to show you what I have recently made for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. Since last we spoke, I have become an aunt to a beautiful little baby girl! You might have seen my recent product review of the Art Gallery Fabrics Master Color Box? If not, I made colour coordinated baby gifts for my niece so go have a look!

On another, more selfish note, do you remember my post in June when I made the Freya Dress and Joni Dress from Tilly and the Buttons new book Stretch? Well, I couldn’t stay away from the Stretch book for that long, so this time I made myself another set of clothes from it.

This month I made myself an elbow sleeve length Freya top and the suggested Bibi skirt hack, making it into a Bibi pinafore. This is my first pinafore, and I’m totally in love with it! So much, that I’ve looked into other pinafore patterns adding them to my sewing queue.  

The patterns were so quick and easy to make, and fitting is almost a none issue since it is made up of stretchy knit fabrics. I made the top part in a size 4 and the bottom part, from the hips, in a size 5.

For the Freya top, I chose to go with a plain one-colour fabric. I’ve always loved working with ponte since it’s a bit thicker fabric and easier to work with than the lighter jersey ones. I went with this plain Ponte Roma Fabric, which is a beautiful mixture of polyester, viscose and spandex, making it so soft and recovers fast!

For the pinafore, I wanted a soft printed pattern on the fabric. Sewing with scuba is like cheating on learning to sew with knits. It is stable and thick, with all the stretch amount you’ll need. This Scuba Fabric of printed floral in black and peach was perfect for the job.

I was unsure if the two fabrics I choose would go together, since one is in wine and the other is in peach, that they would clash. But I think it did work! The black background color both compliments the wine and peach. Or am I delusional?

You know how I need my pockets. So it might not come as a shock that I added pockets to this pinafore as well. I added the pockets to the side panels of the skirt piece. I think it’s great that the skirt is made up of four equal paneled pieces, genius!

I hope you’ve liked my post for this month, and that you also liked the Stretch book as much as I do, and make beautiful garments as well. If you like my makes, come and hang out with me over at sopbac.com or on Instagram @sopbac_.