Hi there! Hope all’s well and not too snowy where you are?

The make I want to share today has turned out rather more sping like than I was expecting, which means it’s not getting a lot of wear right now! However, I am really looking forward to wearing it when spring eventually rocks up.

I chose to make the Style Arc “Keely” Top Pattern. The top is a jersey top with princess seams which have had a frill inserted into them as a design detail. The frill definitely seems to be the design feature of the moment, it’s all over the high street and it’s a pretty simple way of making something look quite up to date.

Style Arc pdf patterns are a little unusual. When purchasing, you select your size and they send you three pdfs; your size and the one above and below. All separate. So if you normally grade between sizes, it’s something to consider. However, since I planned this project, Minerva have started stocking paper pattern versions of the Style Arc pattern range, so these are a better option as all sizes are printed on the pattern as normal, so you can grade between sizes if you wish. (I've included the Keely Top paper pattern in my materials list for you).

I would not recommend these patterns for someone who’s new to sewing; to say the instructions are brief is to really understate the case! However, I love the style and if you’ve made a few jersey tops before, this is totally doable.

The pattern instructs you to “babylock” the edge of that frill. Now if you Google that term, you’ll get lots and lots of references to a particular manufacturer of sewing machines, but not a whole hell of a lot of sewing instructions. So I had a look at one of those high street tops and decided to try a rolled hem using my overlocker instead.

I’ve avoided trying this stitch on my machine for so long; I really shouldn’t have! I pulled out the manual, followed the instructions on which needle and thread tension and lo! A perfect rolled hem first time out! I will so be using this again, the finish is great!

I wanted to be able to wear this with a number of things, so I picked out a white slub Jersey Fabric (get me, picking a plain colour!). When it arrived, it was lighter than I was expecting, but it is a truly gorgeous summery knit; slightly see through but actually I think that will look really good with a bright coloured camisole underneath. And it feels so beautiful against my skin, I am really happy with it.

I did found out the hard way that it only has 2 way stretch, not 4 way. What’s the hard way? Well, that would be when you cut the neckband out at what proves to be the wrong alignment to the grain and, when it proves tough to pin it evenly to the neckline because it doesn’t want to stretch that far, it’s when you force it to fit, overlock it on and THEN realise that the lack of stretch means the top will not go over your head, no matter how hard you try.

Yep, I had to cut it off the top and attach a new one, this time cut out correctly!

But it was worth it; thanks for the supplies for this great wardrobe basic, Minerva!

Becca x