This month saw the release of the new Deer and Doe collection, and the Myosotis dress. I love the silhouette of this pattern but then realised that most of the features I loved about it (the relaxed fit bodice, the bodice placket, the neckline shape, and the boxy skirt) are also featured in view A of the Fringe dress and blouse pattern by Chalk and Notch. Since I already had this pattern cut out I figured I could save myself some time printing and sticking together a new pattern and just launch right into cutting out a Fringe dress. I have previously made view B of the Fringe dress pattern so knew what size would fit me, and I also helpfully had marked slightly lower dart points on the pattern pieces (an adjustment I must have made after I sewed my first Fringe dress, thanks old me!). 
The fabric I used for this project is a really lovely Atelier Brunette Cotton Gauze. It is very wide (56") which allowed me to easily cut my dress from 2 meters of fabric. I pre-washed the fabric as always, as I would hate for this dress to have shrunk after sewing it up! It came out of the pre-wash nice and soft, and a little spongy like a double gauze feel. It drapes really nicely, and I spent a while with it draped over my tailors dummy before I decided which pattern deserved this beautiful piece of fabric. The print on the fabric really is lovely, it looks as though it is flecked with paint splats...kind of like you've been wearing a plain blue dress whilst painting and are covered in specks of different coloured paints. It's a really lovely effect, and very unique. 
I managed to cut out this project in record speed, given I already had my pattern pieces prepped which made the whole process a lot quicker. I lengthened the skirt pieces by 3" but apart from that sewed it as per the pattern. The seam allowances on this pattern are 1cm so I couldn't French seam. Instead I overlocked my edges before sewing the pieces together, and then pressed the seams open. I even inserted some in-seam pockets which work really well (despite my slight concern that the fabric might be too lightweight). 
Instead of gathering the skirt I made a few pleats at the front and back. I like the way pleats look in this fabric, and I think gathers might have looked a bit too much and might not have hung as well as the pleats do. 
As for the cuffs, the pattern has a pattern piece for sleeve tabs to button the sleeve cuffs up to the shoulder. I left this piece off and instead pressed my cuffs in half back on themselves to create a more cuffed effect. 
I love how this dress turned out, and think it will be featuring in my Me Made May (and beyond) handmade wardrobe very heavily. I'm wearing it here with a slip underneath as the fabric is a little lightweight, but I totally think it works for a dress, or you could even make a lovely blouse or shirt using this fabric. The buttons I picked up in a market in Seoul, South Korea a few years ago. It's nice to have saved some special buttons for a special dress. 
Until next month, thank you for reading. Thanks to Vicki at Minerva for supplying the fabric for this project. Go check out Minerva's collection of Atelier Brunette fabrics, I've used three of them now and have loved working with each and every one.