We take a lot of photos around here. Well, correction: I take a lot of photos! So we can never have enough photo albums and frames in my house! These frames are easy enough for kids to have fun with and are a great way to display both your photos and a little creativity (can't beat that!).

Frame 1: Confetti!

Supplies: Polystyrene Frames

  Tissue Paper

Craft Scissors

  School Glue

Colorful tissue paper made this fun frame look like confetti! I started by tracing circles and cutting them out of tissue paper. Fortunately this isn't too time-consuming since you can cut a whole bunch of tissue paper stacked together at the same time. (Bonus: your circles don't have to be perfect!)

Then we painted school glue onto the frame, sticking our circles randomly and being sure to overlap. We only painted a little at a time, as the glue dries so quickly.

When we had the circles where we wanted them, we added another coat of glue to seal them on.

Add in an adorable picture of our poodle-mix Toby and we were done!

Frame 2: Just add tape!

Supplies: Polystyrene Frame

   Decorative Tape

Decorative tape makes crafting projects like these so easy. No talent needed - just add tape! We used patterned pink duct tape and glitter tape for this one, but there are endless options for you to chose from! (I haven't included decorative tape in my wish list as I thought you would want to chose your own designs and colours).

This one is so simple, it’s almost fool-proof. I didn't even worry about keeping my lines even - a little variety just adds to the personality of the piece!

Decorating frames is my current favorite gift idea - everyone loves photos! (Or, wait, is that just me?!)

Who do you know who would love these? (It's okay to say you would!)