I had previously made some scarves with this gorgeously soft and snuggly Faux Fur Fabric and thought it would make up into a really nice lightweight but warm coat. 

Searching on the internet for ‘sewing with faux fur’ pointed me in the direction of several wonderful blog posts and tutorials and so with great excitement I ordered some delicious black, grey and white Fur Fabric and McCalls Sewing Pattern M7257 along with red Jacquard Lining Fabric and some Prym Fur Hooks  and eyes in grey. Such a delightful parcel to receive and I set to work straight away on View D.

The main advice I read about working with faux fur to avoid fluff everywhere is to only snip through the backing fabric and not through the fur itself which then keeps the fluffy bits intact. Now this technique worked well with some heavier fur that I used to make fur collars with but this lovely lightweight fur didn't have a sturdy backing and so cutting out was rather messy (understatement). 

Fluff everywhere …. in my hair, in my cup of tea, you get the picture. The pattern is cut out in a single layer of course so there was a lot of shaking about and jiggery pokery and a full to bursting vacuum cleaner.

I sewed the coat together first. This is such a simple coat pattern, simple pieces and simple construction. No collar, no facings, nothing tricky at all. I decided to sew it together using the overlocker, thinking that an overlocked seam would keep all the bits of fur fluff enclosed. 

Pockets cut from lining fabric are attached to the side seams in the usual way. This worked well although I think it may have overworked the overlocker at times! I then assembled the lining, without the sleeves, and attached it at the neck, the front and the hem and then pulled it all through an armhole. Then I sewed the lining cuff to the coat cuff, pulled it through to the wrong side and attached the lining sleeves to the main lining body. This wasn't the method in in the instructions but I found it easier this way and it meant no hand stitching.

The fur hooks and eyes were then attached. I think I will move them now I have worn the coat as there is a bit of a gap at the front that I need to close.

I really like this coat. It's lightweight but really warm and so easy to wear over jeans or a dress. I had enough fur left over to make a matching scarf and enough lining fabric left over to line several Cleos. I think the amounts stated on the pattern envelope are very generous. 

Fur is fun to sew with, frustrating at times and needs careful handling, but it's so snuggly to wear in winter. I recommend this pattern as an easy introduction to coat making too - I'm thinking it may also work with non fur fabric and I may give that a try before I nudge myself into the challenge of a ‘proper’ coat.

Great pattern, lovely faux fur …. give it a try! Maybe view A would be nice over Christmas dresses, got to plan ahead!

Thanks for reading, see you next month with a fabulous coatigan.