Hello all! This months Minerva make is these funky trousers. I've worn my black ones almost non stop and I thought it would be great to have another pair to travel in on our trip to France later this summer.

This was one of those makes that I thought would be quick and easy. Obviously the sewing gods sussed this and decided to spite me by making it quite a challenge. It was my fault actually. I was very particular about how I wanted the border print, which caused quite a few problems.

I wanted a horizontal stripe on this Viscose Fabric across the top and stripes going down the leg of the trouser for a bit of added interest. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to chop off the bottom bit of border print and put to one side. With the other side of the border print horizontal fold the ends of the fabric into a middle. Cut a front crotch and back crotch, cut through the middle and down each fold so you end up with 2 front trouser pieces and 2 back trouser pieces.

The plan was then to cut the remaining border print in half and use each strip between each side seam. I then did a quick measure to check it would fit over my hips and ground control to major tom, we have a problem. I decided that whacking 4 gussets in would fix it, so cut out 4 long triangles and sewed them in to produce something like this. And hey presto the day was saved.

I hated how the front gussets broke up the border print and pinned them out just to see whether I could still get the trousers over my hips or not. I could, so out the front gussets came. The elastic was then inserted into the waist, the inseam sewn up, leg hems turned up and elastic inserted into them to give an Aladdin style vibe.

There isn't as much room in the hips as I would like for elasticated trousers, but I can get them on, which is the main thing. I can't see the gussets in the back so I'm not too fussed about those either.

A similar look could be achieved using a pajama trouser pattern. I think if I was making them again, I would go for a shorter 3/4 length with a narrower leg so I could get the extra width at the hip without emergency gussets! Here's a very rough and not to scale diagram to demonstrate what I mean:

The fabric is a buttery soft viscose which is lightweight, but not see through and is super comfortable against the skin. The trouser legs drape beautifully and it's really satisfying to press. I finally lugged the ironing board up to my room in the hope that it would motivate me to iron after every step which is something I definitely don't do enough of. It actually really helped. I wasn't perfect. Sometimes I just want to get to the next step to much to stop to iron, but I'm working on it!

I'm so glad these worked out. I can't wait to wear them trekking across France.

Thanks for reading, to Minerva Crafts for providing the kit for this make and to my brother taking photos twice because in the first set I had a very annoying piece of dangly hair that was ruining the whole aesthetic.

Lauren xx