Initially my plan was to make a denim skirt but after all I changed my mind and decided to make the Galleria Culottes instead. The first time I made this pattern was a year ago, it’s a garment that I have been wearing all year round in a weekly basis so made sense to sew a second version!

The fabric is a lovely Italian Denim Fabric which is perfect for giving this pattern the structured look that I wanted. It was a delight to sew such a stable fabric and the fact that it is a solid and not a print like my first version, made it very easy to trace the darts, pleats and notches plus this time no print matching was necessary.

The pattern is a free download pattern from Sasha of Secondopiano blog and you can find the link to download it in this post. It is professionally drafted with lovely little details and step by step instructions but only a few crucial points of the construction are illustrated, I didn’t have a problem with that though throughout the construction of this pattern and I really can’t recommend it enough!

I flat felled the side seams and the inseams but did it from the wrong side of the fabric and not from the right side, for the crotch seam I used bias binding that I made from an old plaid cotton shirt of mine, same fabric that I used for the pocket lining.

Went for size 14, shortened it to mid calf length, a small addition in this version is the pipped besom pocket I added on the back for the construction of which I used this tutorial from Gentleman Jim Taylor, I love the way this man explains his techniques on every tutorial and I don’t miss an episode from his vlog.

On the waistband instead of the usual fusible interfacing this time I used a heavy Slotted Waist Banding, it’s the first time I’m using such an interfacing and I’m glad I found it in the huge Haberdashery Section of Minerva Crafts as it is easy to attach it and gives a really structured waistband and especially for this denim fabric was the perfect interfacing.

Another new to me product is the Horse Hair Braid usually used for hemming skirts and that was actually why I had ordered it but after I decided to make the culottes I thought why not use it in this pattern as well! In my first attempt while I was sewing it on the hem the needle kept hitting at various points the horse hair, I searched for tutorials on how to sew it but all the tutorials I found did not mention that it needs any specific treatment so I don’t know what I was doing wrong, to avoid any issues I decided to use a fusible tape to attach the horsehair and than fold and sew the hem to secure it. On the tutorials I saw the horsehair remains visible after it is attached but I didn’t want it that way that’s why it’s completely covered.

This one is my favorite garment so far, I took the time to make it as perfect as possible and apart from one minor defect in the besom pocket I’m 100% satisfied with how it looks.

Till next time!