Hey all! It’s me, Sophie, here to show you my makes for this month. This time it’s all about STRETCH! Yeah!

Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons has finally published another book after her first amazing book Love at First Stitch. Her new book Stretch! Make Yourself Comfortable is jammed packed with wonderful tips and patterns. I pre-ordered the book and I think it's fantastic that it went live March 8th, International Women's Day!

I obviously wanted to make everything in the book and looking at its title I might need some stretchy fabric. So for this project, I choose to use the gingham print double Jersey Fabric, in colours black and yellow as you can see.

Do you know the difference between single jersey or double jersey? I just recently learned it, and I’ll share. Single jersey is a weft knitted fabric made by one set of needles, which makes it different from the front the back. Logically double jersey is made up of two sets of needles making it the same weave o the front as back.

Double jersey is a great way to start if you’re new to knitted fabric as it’s stable and doesn’t roll. The fabric workers good with structure and at the same time has the comfortable feel of a knit fabric.

The book has mainly five projects, but with the variations and suggestions of hacks its plenty more! The five projects are the Bibi skirt, the Frankie raglan, the Freya top, the Stella hoodie and joggers and Joni dress. The feature of the fabric makes it perfect to make the Freya dress and the Joni dress.

One of the reasons what tipped me over too purchased the book was seeing Zeena with that mustard yellow dress, so amazing! The pattern is both a top and a dress, and I, of course, made the dress version.

I made the dress with a ¾ sleeve length and of course the pleats in front of the bodice. I only added the pleated ruffles in the front bodice. The reason is just to make it easier for me to know which is which with just a look. The fabric works wonderfully for the pleated ruffles since the fabric doesn’t roll. But where do I add the pockets?!

The most characteristic feature of the Joni dress is the twist-front bodice. Other than that it has a ¾ or elbow length sleeve and a flared skirt. No problem adding pockets!

I did make the suggestion they had in the book of making the sleeve flared. To do this I followed the steps provided by tracing the sleeve, cutting it up, spread it out evenly, and then trace it again. I think this makes it a perfect summery dress.

In my opinion, check print or gingham is becoming more and more popular on clothing or has it always been? It might just be me finally noticing how incredibly cool this print actually is. I think I’ve been scared since I don’t do pattern matching, so if it looks like I’ve tried and failed at matching it looks really weird...

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