Hi everyone! I’ve been away for a months time because of my health the last month. Since the last blog post, a lot has happened with the world and for most of us, everyday life has changed.

Since mid-March, I have had a home office, then April came and I was furloughed. I was without a job the entire month. The combination of being home all the time, without work and nothing to do outside (there was still a lot of snow left here in April, so no gardening), and me getting sick was not good for my mental health. I know I’m not alone. It’s been hard, and I just only started feeling better at the end of April. I’m very grateful that I’m now back at work. An office that I can show up for every day. We’re only four people on my floor, but it just helps just getting dressed and have a place to go for 8 hours a day. I feel much better now and I hope it holds!

I hope you all are being safe and doing at least OK mentally as well. I haven’t sewn much, but I finished this shirt right before I got sick. It’s the first item on my Make Nine for 2020 list that I get to check off. I have been making a few shirts, but I don’t have a classic shirt made yet. 

I really wanted a classic and feminine button-up shirt, my choice was the Granville shirt from Sewaholic. I’ve had this pattern for a while and always had the intention of making it. Sharing on Minerva really kicks my butt into making it once I put it on the list. 

To make this shirt, I looked for a slightly drapey fabric that would hang loosely. But when I say this cute tiny spotty print pastel polycotton fabric I couldn’t resist. I got three meters of this fabric which has a width of 115 cm. The fabric comes in eight different colours, all in pastel, from mint to peach. I went for the classic blue one.

I also needed some buttons to make my shirt and went with classic white buttons. I got the Impex pearlised fisheye buttons in pearl white that has two holes and 11 mm wide.

The shirt pattern is straight forward, and pretty standard. It has a collar, button placket, and cuffs. The bodice has darts in the front bodice and princess seam at the back attached to the yoke. I believe the most difficult step with this pattern is the cuff placket. Which in my opinion is always the worst, but I always feel better after managing it!

I made the shirt in a straight-up size US 10. It was a bit big on me, but that’s OK. I think it would have been more suitable if I had a more drapey fabric. The only thing “wrong” with the pattern for me was the sleeve length. The sleeves were so incredibly long! I was warned by someone on IG that the sleeve was too long, and stupid me didn’t remember it when actually making the shirt!

That’s it for me for now! Next weekend will be Norwegian Consitution Day and I’ll hopefully be wearing my next Minerva make to celebrate. Wish me luck, and stay safe!