Here’s the deal. I have a bit of a love affair with dusky purple hues, and I also have a love affair with cotton gauze. Cotton gauze fabric is just so tactile and delicious, it feels like clouds in your hands, and I just cannot get enough of it. I actually haven’t made myself any clothing out of cotton gauze before as I just couldn’t really figure out what type of clothing would do this beautiful fabric justice. 

When given the opportunity to try this grape coloured cotton gauze, the planets aligned in my universe and there wasn’t a chance in hell I could say no to that. Don’t even get me started on the colour - the dusky heather lilac shade that dreams are made of. I’ve been looking for a fabric in this sort of shade for a while and this fabric showcases it beautifully. I’m really digging the dusky pastel colours at the moment. As soon as the fabric arrived I prewashed it and hung it to dry. SO SOFT! I couldn’t wait to cut into it. 

I searched for a while to find a pattern that would work well with this beautiful fabric and give me a garment that I would get a lot of wear from. I stumbled across New Look 6601 and instantly fell in love with it, in particular view C. Going by their size guide I cut an 18 at the top of the bodice, grading to a 20 towards the hips. Cutting out the fabric wasn’t too difficult, but being mindful of the folds and tucks in the fabric is imperative to cut accurately sized pieces. Giving the fabric a good press before cutting it would be a fantastic idea.

Sewing together the main components of the top was really speedy and simple. The darts pressed well and the seams I pressed together and overlocked to keep the insides neat. I decided to go for a 3/4 length sleeve and setting them in was probably the most time consuming part. The neck edge is finished with bias binding turned inside, and I just used what I had to hand which happened to be a navy blue cotton bias tape that I picked up in Haarlem in Holland last year at a market. Stay stitching the edges of the top before sewing on the bias binding helped to ensure that the edges didn’t become stretched out when sewing and also ensured that the binding stitched on without any trouble. 

The construction of this top is actually really simple all round, and I like how the top stitching of the binding around the neckline and front opening look on this textured gauze fabric. It fits in well with the simple double turned hem and sleeves.

This top took me just a couple of hours to complete. I tried it on straight away and was really happy with the fit and pleased with the style. I’m not sure that this style of top would be my usual cup of tea, however in this stunning shade and this amazing fabric, I can see myself wearing this a lot. It goes great with a pair of high waisted jeans, and it even looks good tied a little looser and worn as a little over-layer when wearing a long sleeve top or roll neck.