Good day folks!

Can you believe it’s already August?! I’m not ready for the end of summer - It’s already getting dark earlier and I’m starting to wonder why I am still sewing up strappy summer dresses!! But here I am with exactly that - a full on summer dress… New Look 6723 (currently on half price sale at Minerva).

The photos today are taken by my wonderful husband in Holland Park just before we went to see the Opera - Die Fledermaus (which was very entertaining!) I realise now that the belt tie had climbed up so now I know I need to add belt loops!

I am a (seer!)sucker for a cute summer dress - especially one with a sweetheart neckline so I really fell in love at first sight with New Look 6723. I spent a long time deciding on which view to go with- C or D being my favourites but do I add sleeves or not? 

I decided with the cute candy stripes that the sleeves might take it a little too far into ‘milkmaid’ territory so I opted for the sleeveless version D!

I love this Seersuck Fabric - I've always been drawn to stripes and have seen candy striped seersucker like this in a lot of gorgeous vintage dresses and really wanted to recreate that look for this dress. Timeless Countryside chic! It was very easy to sew - pressed beautifully and behaved like a simple cotton which helped make this a super easy sew.

The Lining Material was brilliant too -  I chose the 'natural seeded' colour and it's got little flecks throughout it which adds interest to an otherwise plain natural fabric. It's really soft which is perfect for bodice lining!

As I'm finding more and more with the ‘big 4’ patterns, the sizing was off again (I never have this trouble with the independent brands!) this dress came up much bigger than it said it would - almost 2 inches bigger on the bodice! I had graded between the 12 and 14 but I know for next time to stick to just size 12! I had to take on the side seams and center back seam - which I did by using an invisible zip instead of the standard one and setting it further in before overlocking off the raw edge.


The other thing that had me massively confused was the way they instruct to sew the lining was bizarre to me… You have to sew the neckline and armholes right sides together, pulling it back through the shoulder (which was normal to me) but then attach the bottom and side raw edges together so you sew the skirt to the waist of the lining together with the bodice and the zip too… Which was fine until I got to the zipper end which was just perplexing!!

Luckily lovely instagramers helped me here and I ended up folding them over and sewing them to the seam allowance. It looks fine but next time I'll attach the lining the way I know… At the end, by hand!

I know it's ridden up to be higher than my waist (I promise I'll add belt loops!) but I do love the added touch of the tie belt! It finishes off the look perfectly and makes it a smart dress!

So I'm very happy with my pretty dress and will definitely use this pattern (with amendments) again!

A huge thanks to the lovely folk of Minerva for another successful make that will come out every summer and to you all for reading about it!

Happy sewing,