Hello everyone!

It’s Spriiiing!! The sun is actually out and he might stay around for a while (fingers crossed) so I am full of all the joys as it really my favourite time of the year! Yay! It’s also a great time because I get to hide away the dark winter wardrobe and get super colourful so this latest make, in it’s all it’s green wonder, is finished just in time!

This is the King Cole Knitting Pattern 4398 in King Cole Merino DK Yarn in colour 1987 Sea Breeze.

It’s just fresh off the blocking... block?! and I am already totally in love! I am also obsessed with this whole ‘Annie Hall’ inspired outfit in some newly sewn trousers too - they go so well together yay!

I do apologise for the sunglasses but after a few pictures of me squinting I had to succumb and put some on! I’m actually quite happy with this ‘cool’ look though as I wanted to show this jumper off in a way that comes over a LOT better than the pattern picture… I’m sorry but what were they thinking?!

I really had to look beyond the colourway and styling to see the potential in this pattern as I really wanted to try a lace knit for the first time and the actual design of the lace pattern PLUS the cabling completely won me over!

I can’t help but well up with pride at this jumper… I don’t think I made any mistakes (but don’t look too closely just in case!!) and as it was my first lace knit pattern it has stirred a new obsession in me - I love lace knitting! It’s so pretty and keeps the knitting really interesting! I also enjoy the cabling but it does take a long long time. So much so that I decided to omit it from the back and just stick to stockinette stitch above the lace pattern for the back. I think that was a wise idea as it already took me 3 months to knit this and I didn’t want to run into the same problems as the last knitted make for Minerva that had me up till 3am and was still unfinished!!

I sewed this up the proper way this time too - by using the yarn and a mattress stitch. I also added a bit of gathering to the sleeve heads for a bit of poof, which I love the look of. If I make this again - I will try and do that even more - especially at the top as it suits the look really well.

Ooh moody! ;)

The instructions were brilliant and crystal clear through so was really simple to follow and the yarn is lovely. I was worried at first as it felt rather scratchy and rough when I first got the yarn but I had just been using super soft cotton yarn so had to get used to wool again. Also a lovely vlog viewer told me it gets softer and softer as it knits and she was so right! Now it’s all finished it does feel soft and has a lovely bounce to it. I won’t be able to wear this without a top underneath as my skin is not a fan of wool against it but it doesn’t feel scratchy to touch at all. It’s smooth and soft! Yummy! I also LOVE this colour… I was worried it would clash with my new blue hair but I think it’s a lovely marriage in the end.

I blocked it with a lot of steam and a dishcloth over it with the iron which I have to say is definitely my favourite method for garments like this and really smoothed everything out beautifully!

So that’s all for now folks!

I LOVE my jumper and am, as always, very thankful to Minerva for supporting this make.

Now, get your hats on and enjoy the sun!

Hip hip hip horraaay!