Hi, sewist! It’s me, Sophie, back to give you a little different Minerva blog post this month.

As you know, I sew mostly, but what you might not know is that I started with crocheting. Then gradually I started knitting but after knitting seven Skiing World Cup 2013 jumpers in about five months I was ready to start a new craft. The natural progress then was to start sewing and I’ve been sewing ever since 2014. Although I knit from time to time, it takes such a long time to finish a garment by knitting than by sewing that I lose my patience. In between the sewing, I took up other crafts like embroidery and cross stitching.

When I saw that Minerva had some cross stitch kits, I wanted to try doing a bigger project than what I had done earlier. I knew that my best friend, Trine,  loves Gustav Klimt’s paintings, especially those with a lot of golds in it. Minerva has three cross stitch kits that are of paintings from Gustav Klimt. There is “Motherly Love”, “The Kiss” and “Lady with Fan”. Knowing my friend, I went with the one with the most gold, “The Kiss”.

The kit contains everything you need to complete it. There is the Aida 14 ct cloth, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, beads and bead needle together with the full instructions for both the embroidery and the beading. All you needed besides the kit was an embroidery hoop and it really helps to have a needle minder as well.

I got the kit back in August when I started it but then it was packed away for a few months while we were under the process of moving into our new home and I found it again in December. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for Trine but as you might have figured out it didn’t happen. I really underestimated the time it would take to finish this project. And when the cross stitch was finally done, I still had the beading afterwards.

When I finished the cross stitch, I considered being done and not use the beads at all. I’m glad I didn’t! The beading gave the cross stitch more of a 3D effect, enhancing the quality of the picture in total.

The kit contains more than enough of every component you’ll need. After I was done with the whole picture I had lots of everything left over. Almost so that I could have made myself an entirely new picture!

The best of all was that Trine loved it. She immediately found a place for it and hung it up right away. Even though she had to wait five more months to know what she originally would’ve gotten for Christmas she said it was worth it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this different post that didn’t contain any sewing. But this is also to show you that Minerva has lots of other enjoyable crafts than fabrics. In the fall I’m thinking of getting back to knitting again!