It’s that time again! Here’s my latest make for the Blogger Network – a hacked Simplicity 1366 blouse!

I picked out a metre of Atelier Brunette Viscose Fabric before I’d even decided on what I was going to make. I love the prints of the Atelier Brunette Fabric range. Everything's so pretty I always just want to buy it all!

I got the Blossom viscose challis in the Night colourway. I loved the orange and purple tones - it felt right for some autumnal sewing!

Now a metre of fabric is not a whole lot to play with so I made my goal a work suitable top!

So my requirements for a work appropriate blouse includes having short sleeves and for it to be as comfortable as possible. I normally wear a grubby t-shirt to work and a scrub top over whatever I’m wearing so I knew pretty much anything I would make would be better than that!

After much deliberation, I decided to use my trusty Simplicity 1366 Blouse Sewing Pattern!

The 1366 blouse is loose fit and features sleeves just above the elbow, a dartless bodice and a bias bound neckline. The shoulders are slightly dropped which gives it a more relaxed look.

This Simplicity pattern is one that I’ve used time and time again (check out my blog Self Assembly Required to see what else I’ve done with this one in the past!). It’s definitely a go-to pattern for me when I want a straightforward quick make. It’s also one that I love to hack as it’s simple design really makes it easy to do!

To make the most of the fabric that I had, I shortened the sleeves and planned a hack to add a peplum frill at the waist. That way I could use as much of this gorgeous fabric as possible!

For the hack, I cut off the bodice pattern just below the waist and sewed the bodice and sleeves together as per the instructions. I cut 2 long strips of fabric which measured one and a half times the width of the bodice pattern when sewn together into a big loop for the peplum. (Tip: You can make this as long as you want but I recommend a minimum of 1 ½ times the width of whatever you’re attaching it to in order to create enough volume).

I put in 2 rows of gathering stitches along the long edge and gathered it to fit the top. I then sewed these together. All that was left to do after this was hem the top!

This took me just a couple of hours to put together. I think it helps that I’ve made it enough times that I don’t need to use the instructions anymore! The fabric was perfect for this style of blouse though. It was drapey without losing too much shape and volume. It was a dream to sew up! I really need more Atelier Brunette fabric in my life!

I’m so happy with how this top turned out! It’s so comfy and still looks pretty stylish. I’m not normally a fan of the peplum look but I like it better in this loose fit. Plus, I love the play on volume which is a trend that seems here to stay!

This top will definitely get a lot of wear over the next few months I think!