Hello November! A new month brings with it a new Minerva Crafts Blogger Network project, and this month I'm keeping things festive with these cute felt Christmas house ornaments. 

These were an absolute delight to make and I think they'll look lovely alongside the Father Christmas Cushion I made last month - don't you?

The materials for the felt decorations come in this little Sewing Kit from Dimensions. As with the Santa cushion that I made, the kit provides you with absolutely everything you need to start and finish all three of the felt house ornaments, so it’s a great project to park yourself in front of a Christmas film with!

This kit comes with all the pre-cut felt shapes, embroidery thread, a needle, cord to hang the decorations, a bag of toy stuffing and picture instructions for how to sew each decoration together. Having pre-cut felt shapes is such a timesaver and makes this project that little bit more manageable! I’m sure you could easily replicate the houses yourself using sheets of felt, but what with it being November and only a month or so until Christmas, having everything already prepared is a pre-holiday season treat.

The instructions that come with the kit are very basic and in picture-format. It’s like playing a game of spot the difference as you move from one picture instruction to the next, trying to guess which bit to stitch on next! I didn’t have any problems though and the decorations soon stitched themselves together as they should – having the photo on the front of the kit was very helpful.

Each felt house ornament took me less than an hour to stitch together. I made them in three sessions and dangled each one in front of my husband’s face in excitement every time I finished one! I actually managed to sneak them onto the fireplace for a good week before he noticed I’d started displaying Christmas decorations in October and made me take them down…

What do you think of my finished felt houses? Have I convinced you to have a go at some felt crafts in preparation for Christmas this year? This project is great for adults and older children alike. Give it a go!