We are building a house and although we are a long way from finishing, home furnishings are on my mind. We have very deep windows with large cills. I felt that having hanging curtains in front of them would decrease the feeling of space in the room so I thought I would make Roman blinds which sit inside the windows. 

It is quite tricky to get gorgeous photos on a building site but my daughter was trying her very best to improve the situation with a little vase of floral weeds!

I have bodged up a few Roman Blinds in the past and they have never been quite right but this time I wanted to learn how to make them properly so I used an old Great British Sewing Bee book which had clear instructions. After seeing how much they cost to buy my motivation was strengthened further.

Roman blinds are nothing more than a couple of squares sewn together but don't be fooled - it requires meticulous measuring, a good hand with your scissors and a lot of maths. I never thought I would be saying this, but I made a toile to check my measurements before cutting my final fabric.

The advantage of Roman Blinds is that they do not use a lot of patterned fabric so you can splash out on something really fancy. I chose this Canvas Fabric which is firm and makes a good fold. The backing is cream Curtain Lining. The spots helped me to square the fabric and ensure that the final blind was well balanced and straight.

The key is your starting point. You MUST square your fabric before you start measuring. This means that you will not have any wonky optical illusions of spots/flowers/stripes running out of line. 

Minerva stock a range of Roman Blind notions which you can select depending on what pattern/tutorial you follow. I used 9 rings, cord, a cleat and really strong velcro to hold the final piece to a baton. 

After our trial fitting, I have decided to just add a tiny stitch in the centre folds to join the lining fabric and spotty fabric together to stop it sagging slightly in the middle but I am being picky - I am really pleased with them. Of course I won't tell anyone I can make Roman Blinds, everyone will want them for free and I have three more sets to make. I have just enough fabric to make a seat pad for the chair which will be in this office. Bonus.

I'm off to choose some more wonderful blind fabric from Minerva.