Happy new year sewing people! I hope this year will bring you lots of sewing joy, may your stash contain only useful fabric and your bobbin always be full. Do you have any new year's resolutions regarding your sewing? I have three that I really hope I can keep. Maybe you can help me keep it in line:

  1. No new patterns. If I manage to make three patterns I haven’t made before from my stash I can allow myself to buy one new pattern, that’s it.

  2. Reduce the fabric stash. Self-explanatory.

  3. Be more bold, regarding both prints and patterns. I’ll try to make something other than dresses every now and then.

These three resolutions might not be such big deals for some of you, but for me it’s hard. I have used a lot on my hobby without actually making anything the last year, and this year I need to tighten up my budget. So I there we go, those are my three big sewing resolutions.

I have been so lucky to be in my hometown for 11 days straight over Christmas and new year. I had to work, but luckily I get to do it from my hometown office, score! I made my MCBN dress for New Years, but I used it on Christmas Eve instead.

This dress is my first Simplicity pattern, it’s the Simplicity 8330. It isn’t much different than the other big four patterns in terms of layout and instructions, so for me, it’s great that they are all under one company now.

I’ve always liked the halter neck bodice shape. I haven’t found anyone that I particularly liked yet, so when I found this pattern I was thrilled! My original plan was to make version A of the pattern. The maxi dress with a thigh-high split and open back. Oh la la! Then I went within myself and agreed that I wouldn’t wear it as much because of the few occasions I’ll get to use it. So a simple version C it is.

The silhouette on this pattern is of the form-fitting kind. I thought that it was fine, I can step out of my comfort zone and wear a form-fitting dress for a whole evening. The dress was finished and I put it on, saw myself in the mirror, and took it straight off. I kid you not, it looked like sausage skin around my butt and thighs! Not pretty! Luckily, I had about a meter again of the fabric since I originally was going to make the maxi version.

I ended up going back to one of my tried and true patterns, the Belladone Dress Pattern from Deer & Doe. And, hello! Pockets? Yes, please. I didn’t do any adjustment to the skirt to fit the bodice, and it worked out amazingly! I’m more comfortable in my dress, and I have pockets so I don’t need to have an extra item, like a purse, to take with me.

The fabric I choose for this project is John Kaldor Stretch Cotton Fabric in the colors pink and turquoise. I love this fabric combination both in color and structure. The fabric is amazingly comfortable, because of its unique structure you should treat it as a woven, but it has a bit of stretch so it has ease for you to eat and dance all night long.

You can’t see it so clearly, but the buttons I used on top for the closure is these beautiful impex faceted Shank Buttons. They have tiny hexagon carved in the button that makes it seem like diamonds in the light.

My husband and I are trying to figure out alternatives for taking pictures inside during the winter months. We’ve had problems taking good pictures with good lighting during the week, because it’s dark when we go to work, and same when we get back home. We have used to wait until the weekend to take pictures outside while it’s daylight and it has worked until now. Until I waited for the weekend and the extreme weather Cora arrived with a lot of wind and snow.

How do you get good pictures during the darker months? Do you have any tips for me to make it better? Please get back to me on that on my blog at sopbac.com.