This month my Minerva post was handed over to my big girl.

"I enjoyed making this beautiful patterned wrap skirt and even more, I love wearing it." 

The tracing paper pattern was easy to cut out and very thick, which made it easy to handle without ripping, however the pattern wasted a lot of paper leaving me to throw it away. 

The instructions were simple to follow and very quick. I would also have loved it much better if the pattern came in more than one size as I had to use darts on the back to keep it up on me. I wasn't too keen on the layout of the pattern pieces on the material as it wasted a lot, instead we used half the material size by using 150cm x 60cm. The thing I liked about this pattern was it's easy to read glossary to help you if you were stuck on a term or needed support that you maybe wouldn't have to hand. 

My mum and me made some changes. Firstly, I found a problem with the hem because it left a raw edge so when I did it, we folded it over twice making sure it wouldn't fray or come loose. I was wondering how to wear this skirt and where to tie the ribbon so they could have put that on another piece of paper or fitted it on the second sheet. 

I spent around three hours making this skirt spreading it over two days. It was easy to sew as it was mainly straight lines and no weird shaped curves. The Cotton Fabric given to me was amazing it had a good pattern and great colours and it was also easy to iron. It was not too thick to sew over layers or to be a summer skirt. It was also good because it didn't matter which way up the pattern was. You needed quite a bit of ribbon for the skirt tie (250cm) to go right the way around the waist. We used some ribbon that came on mum's new expensive towels.

Soon I shall be making one for my sister in blue and white flowered fabric and red ribbon. Altogether, I loved this pattern and it's instructions. This really helped me get even more into sewing and give me more handmade clothes to wear out and about to inspire people to make clothes for themselves. 

Heidi xxx

There you have it. If you have a budding sewer this pattern was really good, she only needed me to be in the room not actually helping her. Heidi is 10 and can use a sewing machine: topstitching; using zig zag stitch; finishing sewing with a forward and back tack and removing pins as she sews.

Thanks Minerva for a confident sewing experience with beautiful resources. 

Mum xxx