I’ve been a little obsessed with hexagons recently. There’s just something about them that makes me want to make all things hexi.

I’ve been wanting to play with some English paper piecing lately and this lovely bundle of fabrics seemed perfect for my first project.

These are some new fabrics from Michael Miller. I absolutely love the fabric patterns, saturated colours and softness of the fabrics that comes from Michael Miller Fabrics.

There are several different ways to do English paper piecing. Traditionally it is shaped around a hexagon template and then hand stitched with a basting stitch to hold it into place.

With this project, I opted to try a method I’ve seen used more and more – glue basting! Basically you use tiny drops of white glue that you heat set in place with a dry iron.

Step one is cutting your fabric to just a little bigger than your hexagon.

Next place your fabric right side down, place your hexagon template on the wrong side of the fabric and turn up one side of the fabric to create a nice clean edge. Press in place.

Place a tiny drop of white glue on the spot where your fabric will overlap with the next edge that you will turn over. Using a hot iron with the steam setting turned off, press into place to set the glue.

Repeat till you have completed all six sides of your hexagon.

Aren’t these little 2 inch hexis adorable!

For my hexagon mini quilt, I added in a few more different fabrics and made over 30 hexagons.

I just freestyled this mini quilt. You can make as many English paper pieced hexagons, or as little, as you like.

Before you secure your hexis to your quilt, you remove all the little paper templates. You may have to twist and unfold an edge or two, but your hexagon will quickly regain it’s proper shape because you pressed it into place.

I played around with a couple different options before I finalized my layout. I was looking for a clean, modern design. My mini quilt ended up being 24 inches by 36 inches and was sandwiched with a double layer of batting.

To secure my hexagons to the mini quilt, I used my walking foot and straight line quilted it, picking up on the points of the hexagons. I opted to pre-draw all my lines so that the spacing was straight and true as possible.

I love the clean, modern and bright finish of this mini quilt. We are full-on in the middle of winter right now where we are (it was -40 on the weekend) and this mini provides a little bright spot amidst this cold spell!