Hello folks!

My quest for the perfect trousers has been a long one - I have tried every pattern of high waisted, peg leg trousers I was aware of to find a pair that have been in my head and dreams long before I even started sewing and I am happy to report that I think I may have just found them… Here is my version of McCalls Pattern 7547 - spoiler alert… I LOVE THEM!!

Firstly, I’m sorry that I look a bit miserable in these pictures - sometimes it just makes a better picture to be all moody and mysterious!!! The ones where I was grinning like a loon didn’t make the cut this time! ;)

The pattern is relatively simple but with lots of details and challenges along the way so it would suit an ‘adventurous beginner’ who’s already made a few garments before. There are darts, patch pockets, a faux fly, side zip and belt loops which makes it quite an intense sew - these took me a few sessions to make, probably 6 hours in all. Which is not much, but I have been making a lot of speedy makes recently so it felt like a proper undertaking which I really enjoyed and took my time with.  

Part of the reason I decided to really take my time with this make was because I was determined to pattern match these bad boys - I think houndstooth / dogtooth can get crazy if it’s not at least all following the same line so I tried to do that throughout and you know what, it’s got to be my most successful pattern matching to date - can you even spot the back pocket?!

I mean, it’s not perfect but for me who is a self confessed ‘non perfectionist’ it’s not a bad effort. I fully gave myself a pat on the back!! I think I am learning this year to slow my sewing down a lot and it’s giving me much more polished results… I’m learning guys, I’m learning! :)

Just in case you really can’t see the back pocket (like my husband!) this pic points it out (like I had to do for my husbando!)

So this Fabric is amazing too - it’s called Dogtooth Print Stretch Denim and it’s on sale with not much left so HURRY!! It’s more lightweight than I expected but actually it makes it perfect for these trousers with the right amount of stretch to make them fit so well. I would use this fabric for a dress or tight skirt too as it got lots of body, the stretch bounces back and it sews and presses beautifully. I sewed up the main seams on the overlocker to work with the stretch and used a stretch needle for all the topstitching, faux fly, belt loops and zips. The fabric has a lovely sheen to it and that burgundy colour is special. I haven’t seen fabric like this anywhere else and I’m always on the lookout for dog/houndstooth (I’m not too sure of the difference tbh!) so I was over the moon to get my hands on this!

I’m so happy to have this pattern in my collection as there are many variations to try and now I’m pleased with the fit (straight from the pattern) I’d love to try the dungarees and flared versions. Also these are in my #2018makenine so I’m extra happy to cross this pattern off the list so early AND I got to finish them off with one of my new snaps on the waistband, that I got a kit for from my husband for Christmas! All these things make me very happy!!

You can probably tell, I’m in love with this make - in fact there’s even a slight smile creeping in for the last picture!! ;)

Thankyou so much Minerva for helping me finally end my perfect trousers quest!! Yay!

Sew much love to you all!