Hi everyone, I'm back with another Minerva Blogger Network post - and this time, it's TROUSERS! I made trousers! My very first pair :) I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell.

I always struggle to get trousers to fit my waist/hip ratio, but when I saw these high-waisted Burda trousers (View B), I thought they might be a good contender. And of course, I can't resist braces on ANYTHING - I just love 'em!

I was really nervous about making trousers, I've got a couple of other sewing patterns in my queue that somehow always elude actually getting sewn. The True Bias Lander Pants, Deer and Doe Safrans, and of course the famous Closet Case Ginger Jeans are all just waiting for me to bring them to life...  but I always wimp out, telling myself they're too hard/complicated, they won't fit me, the whole thing will be a write off etc. You get the idea.

So, I figured that the best way to get over my fears was to commit to making a pair of trousers for the Minerva Blogger Network - that way, there was no escape! I'd HAVE to make them, no more excuses!

Although I love all the colour and all the prints (ALL the time), I knew that for these I wanted to tone it down a bit... so I opted for some plain black wool fabric. Lightweight wools and denim are recommended, but I thought denim might be a little bit stuff on those pleats at the front - so wool it was.

I'm not really familiar with the amount of ease in Burda patterns, as I don't sew them very often, so I measured my hips and waist to see where I came out on the size chart. I'm usually a size 10 in ready-to-wear jeans, but Burda put me at a size 14. Rather than kid myself by making the 12 and not be able to get them on (remembering that these had to be modelled for the Minerva Blog, haha) I played it safe and cut the 14. And you know what? They actually fit. The legs were a bit long and needed trimming (I'm 5'6), but they fit around the thighs, bum and waist. Winning.

The only change I made to these trousers was those pleats on the front. They were meant to meet only at the very top of the leg, immediately below the waistband, but this gave me weird puffy bits on the front of my thighs - the phrase 'clown pants' described it quite accurately. So I sewed up the pleat a little bit, a few inches down the leg, which improved the thigh situation but now I'm left with a smaller weird puffy bit at the bottom of the pleat. It seems there's no escaping it, unless I was to get rid of the pleat completely.

The waistband fits me really well, and it's actually quite flattering. It stays where it's meant to stay, and there's no danger of me having to yank the trousers up as I walk up stairs or worry that I'm showing stomach when I don't want to be (yes, these are real dramas that I have with store-bought trousers!). I really love the seam lines on it too. I used a fairly lightweight interfacing, but looking at the photos it's still a little wrinkly so I think next time I would use a slightly firmer interfacing to keep it looking crisp.

The buttons I've used are by Prym - their 'Bachelor Jeans' Buttons in antique copper. These were super easy to install, no hammer needed! There's a sharp spike on the back, and you just push it through the fabric from the back and then press the front (firmly) onto the spike. I was a little worried that they would come apart, as no hammer was used, but they feel EXTREMELY sturdy and have not shown any signs of loosening despite multiple openings and closings. I'm a happy bunny as they come in nice decorative patterns, so when I eventually get round to making my jeans I'll be using these.

Instructions are included to make the braces, and I did consider making them myself, but I'd seen SO many really cool pairs on the Camden market that I decided to get a pair of rainbow ones. Because I obviously had to balance out the sensible-ness of the black trousers with some colour somewhere!

I'm so glad that I finally took the plunge with trousers. Genuinely, they are so much easier than I thought they would be, even when taking into account Burda's notoriously brief instructions. If I could figure out what I needed to do to sort out that front pleat craziness, I would 100% make this pattern again. I'm really happy that not only did my first attempt at trousers turn out wearable, but they also actually fit fairly well, and I really like the style! I think high-waisted is definitely the way to go for me where trousers are concerned. I'm not sure whether it's my shape or what, but these trousers are MUCH more high-waisted on me than they are on the model on the front of the envelope... I'm cool with this though.

If you're on the fence about making your own trousers - GO FOR IT! They really aren't as scary as they seem :)

I hope you've enjoyed the post - I'll be back next month with an ultra-luxurious Ogden Cami, you won't want to miss it!

Sarah // Wanderstitch