Hi everyone! I’m Sophia from Jessalli Handmade, and I’m so excited to share with you my first post on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. 

So for my first project I found this gorgeous palm leaf print Crepe Fabric on the website and instantly fell in love with it. I’m a little obsessed with palm leaf prints at the moment. Botanical prints in general are my absolute favourite. This one in particular comes in three colours. The green is definitely my choice. I knew a floaty style outfit would work well with it, and then I discovered the Holly Jumpsuit pattern from By Hand London.

It’s the perfect pattern, 3 variations which can all be mixed up. I loved the sleeved blouse top in variation 1 but thought the length of the trousers in variation 2 would make the best use of this amazing fabric. 

I must say the pattern was super easy to follow. The instructions were clear, at no point did I feel overwhelmed or confused. And now I’ve made one, I want to make hundreds. Granted I didn’t have to make any adjustments on the fit. I’m 5’5 and the jumpsuit was a great fit after I mixed two sizes together on my pattern. I would say if you are particularly long in the body you may find the crotch a little too close - if I was any taller in the body I think it would be a little uncomfortable! 

The only thing I did have to change is the length in the leg. They’re very long. I wanted to be able to wear mine with flats and heels. And I still had to reduce the length by quite a chunk, but I am a little short!

The best thing about the Holly pattern is you can use almost any fabric. Which means even more variations to try. I think some lovely fitted trousers in a wool mix would be great. I’ve already had a friend see it in progress and request one next! I might have to make myself the drapey-neck version, variation 2, in a dark viscose or rayon for going out next!

I did add pockets to the trousers. I really like pockets in trousers, but it does change the silhouette a little so think carefully if you want to add them. I just drew out an angled pocket design and facing on pattern paper and added these to the trousers, cutting the front trouser piece to make it work. 

The fabric is relatively easy to work with. I used Sharps Sewing Machine Needles to help with the sewing and I would definitely recommend you get some. It is a polyester mix crepe, so it’s much easier to sew (and iron). This fabric in particular wasn’t that see-through either so I didn’t have to line it. Making sewing time much quicker. 

If you’re nervous about using drapey, thinner fabrics, I’d definitely recommend a polyester mix like this. It’s less daunting. I’d also invest in a cutting mat and rotary cutter as it makes cutting your pattern pieces out so much easier. 

Well I really hope you enjoyed this post and seeing what I’ve made. I hope I’ve inspired you to try something a little different too. Have fun with your clothes! Life’s too short not to! See you next month! 

Sophia x 

@Jessalli_Handmade /jessalli.co.uk