So, there's a bit of a story behind this, all stemming from handknit socks.......bear with me and all will soon become clear!

Much earlier in the year, I knitted several pairs of knee-high socks that were destined to become Christmas presents.

Now, don't get me wrong, but socks aren't traditionally the most exciting present to open on Christmas Day, so I thought - wouldn't it be fab if I could find some see-through wellies to gift with them?  After a LOT of searching online, I eventually found some and bought two pairs.

Ha ha! DEFINITELY the way to show them off at their best - what a talking point at festivals!

To take it one step further and prove that a lot of thought has gone into giving these particular socks, I decided to make some welly boot bags in which to present them.

See, I told you it would all become clear in the end :)

A quick bit of research resulted in zero tutorials on the subject, so I ordered some supplies from Minerva Crafts and designed my own.

The Rip-Stop Fabric I chose is lightweight yet strong AND waterproof, so would be perfect to contain the mud and water clinging to the filthiest wellies, thereby saving your car boot/hallway/lounge carpet (I have a houseful of males) from ruin.

Where to start?

I can't give definitive measurements as it depends on your shoe size, but I will show you what I did for these (UK) size 6 wellies (EU 39, US 8).

I literally made it up as I went along and this is what I ended up with as final pattern pieces.

*Seam allowances are 1/2" (1.5cm) throughout

*No edge-finishing necessary as the fabric doesn't fray

Starting with the front, I assembles the five-piece panel as follows.

Insert zips into CENTRE FRONT panel.

Attach remaining edges of zips to SIDE FRONT panels.

Trim the whole panel so that it measures 11" wide.

Top stitch close to seam to stop the fabric getting caught up in the zips.

The next step is shown in blue as I modified the design slightly for the second bag (don't worry - the final pattern takes into account the extended pattern pieces).

Take a strip of fabric about 8"x2" as shown below.

Clip to CENTRE FRONT with wrong sides together and sew between the zips.

Fold in the ends....

....and fold down the top edge as shown.

Fold again so that the fold meets the seam line previously stitched.

Clip in place and stitch through all layers.

This is what it should now look like.

Trim off excess fabric on the SIDE FRONT panels, down to about half an inch above the zipper stop.

Take your FRONT TOP piece and double hem one long edge.

With right sides facing, clip the hemmed edge of the FRONT TOP to the top edge of the SIDE FRONTS only, keeping the centre section between the zips free.

Stitch these two short seams.

Folding the CENTRE FRONT panel out of the way, top stitch all the way across the FRONT TOP panel, over existing stitching.

With right sides together, sew the FRONT BOTTOM panel to the CENTRE and SIDE FRONT panels, matching short edges (sorry, no photo).

Right, back to the pink.

Take your HANDLE piece.

Fold it roughly in three so that the raw edge is away from the fold, as below.

Use a wide zig-zag stitch close to the raw edge to secure through all layers.

Position the HANDLE, right side up, in the centre of the FRONT TOP section as below. Baste.

The handle is half an inch longer than the front top section, so it will rise a little in the middle.

Sew a rectangle through all layers to strengthen the handle.

Your finished handle should look like this, with just enough space underneath to slide your hand in comfortably.

With right sides together, sew the BASE to the BACK along one short edge.

Then, sew each SIDE panel in place, clipping into corners as necessary.

Your bag should now look like this.

With right sides together, clip the entire TOP/FRONT section to the shell of the bag.

Sew around all edges. At this point, I curved the top front edge to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but you don't have to.

Turn right side out.

I added my own label to the top of each bag as a finishing touch.

Hopefully, the recipients won't think socks are a boring present any more!