Hello and welcome to my last 2017 Minerva make. We are firmly into winter now and I have been reading about the Danish concept of “Hygge”; pronounced 'hue-ugh’. “Hygge” is the Danish word for cultivating a sense of cosiness, comfort and warmth. I am hooked on hygge! One key part of hygge is clothes and the more casual the better.

My husband has been a constant cheerleader by my side and I adore his acceptance of my passion. So I really wanted to focus on making a small capsule wardrobe for him and immerse myself in sharing my passion with him in a way that he also gains from it - I am constantly buying fabric and patterns but bless him, though he doesn’t complain I haven’t been making much for him!

So I got this idea to theme the capsule on hygge since he loves the concept too. This is part 1 of 3 in the Hygge Hubby Capsule (I just made up that and am going roll with it). Ok with that background, I am going to dive into it.

First of all I loved sewing this project so much because I was making it with love; the simplest clothing with a considered touch. The hallmarks of hygge men’s style are a certain minimalist, low-key aesthetic and focus on quality. First order of business was selecting the fabric. Choosing the fabric was a collaborative effort. Spending hours browsing fabrics together was fun. The ants sweater is impossibly soft – good Sweater Fabrics are hard to find but this blew my expectations out of the water. Perfectly warm and cosy for those cold cold days. He loves the quirky ants print and the kids have no end of fun trying to count the ants.

The men’s Sewing Pattern from Burda couldn’t be easier to sew up. Using an overlocker this takes under an hour to whip up. I made the size 38 based on his waist measurements and the fit is perfect for him. The sewing instructions are easy to follow so much that I’d classify this as “Beginner Friendly”. These classic cuffed joggers epitomise laid back style; featuring two front pockets, a faux fly front and an elasticised drawstring waistband. We opted to leave out the drawstring. Mr SNS didn’t see the point of drawstring and elastic.

Hubs got into the spirit by suggesting that next iterations of this pattern could easily be zhuzhed up with 1) some piping along the outer seam; 2) adding a collegiate stripe and 3) a contrast waist band and cuffs. It’s a simple pattern that can easily be customised to something that’s one of a kind for that special guy.

When asked to comment - he said the “crotch space is just the right amount of roomy for jogger pants while the tapered leg is slim enough. Pockets are deep and I can do lunges comfortably”. So it gets the thumbs up! Looking and feeling ultra relaxed - hyggelight. He has also decided that these would be great to wear on our next long haul flight - I am so flattered. Sewing clothes for that special someone is the ideal way to apply the notions of hygge!

Thanks so much for reading along with me over the past year. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will be back 2018 with the second installation of the Hygge Hubby Capsule.

Peace and love,