I am so excited to share with you my January project. It’s a continuation of the Hygge [hue-gah] Hubby Capsule. In a nutshell hygge is the Danish art of living well. It also embodies the concept of wearing items that are comfortable and made of high quality materials. 

Art Gallery Fabrics are synonymous with high quality – I have sewn with them a few times now and can attest to their beauty and excellence.

For this particular project my husband went online fabric hunting with me. Of all the AGF chambrays on offer at Minerva the blue stitch-ochi chambray Denim Fabric captured his heart immediately. There is lightness and softness to this fabric that I think is achieved by the tight weave.

Co-creation is a wonderful experience. However, “Have you made it yet?” was asked so many times I lost count. In the end I managed to finish it up in the chillaxing phase that is post Christmas.

I thought the instructions were well written. This was my first Merchant and Mills Pattern and I must say I am impressed. The pattern is described as a smart combination of woven fabric with a stretch rib neck. The curious seamstress in me was piqued by the idea of a tee shirt that is made of woven fabric. In particular I was keen to see how it would work out with a knitted rib neckband. I am happy to say that it works. The neck band is cut smaller than the neck opening and it’s stretched to fit the opening. Just like when sewing a normal jersey fabric T Shirt – the only difference being that this is easier as the chambray of the main body doesn’t stretch out.

The next point of interest for me was how easy it would be to put it on. It does go on with a little bit of effort (but then my husband has a big head) – he would need to style his hair AFTER putting on the t-shirt. Once on he has reported that it is very comfortable. I cut the size based on his chest measurement and it is true to size – no alterations were made. The only thing I did was to get him to try it on before hemming so he could choose how long he wanted the Tee to be.

It’s been worn twice already and looks set to be quite a favourite especially as the weather gets warmer. Hubby says he feels cool with the rolled up sleeves. Plans are in hand for something in linen and perhaps double gauze.

That’s it for now. I will be back in February with the last of this hygge [hue-gah] capsule series.

Until then, Happy Sewing!