I made dungaree shorts! I got the pattern, Burda 6599, in the winter, but haven’t got around to making the long trouser version yet. I wanted to make the shorts for the summer, but sewing time seemed to keep slipping away from me, as it does, and then all of a sudden the kids were breaking up and we were going on holiday so I had to get my butt in gear!

I saved time by cutting the pattern tissue out rather than tracing it, and I’m glad I did because even just cutting the pattern took me a couple of hours. The sewing bit took longer than I thought and I ended up sewing until 4:15am the night before my holiday just to get it done (not helped by going out for a meal and not getting back home until 11:30pm). The only thing I had to finish off in the morning was the jeans buttons, because they need hammering in and there are 12 of them. I don’t think my family or my neighbours would have thanked me had I done it there and then!

I chose the Hemline Bib and Brace Fasteners because for a previous dungaree dress, I used the dungaree clips, and they drive me crazy because the fastener has no tension or spring in it to grip onto the button, so it just unhooks itself all the time. So irritating! This type is far superior, in my opinion.

The fabric is a really soft and stretchy medium blue Denim Fabric which I would want to use again. It definitely shrunk a bit on the pre-wash, and even when pressing it seems to shrink up, but it stretches again easily and has good stretch recovery. I chose stretch Bi Elastic Interfacing for this project, which I have never used before, but it’s really good. I was very impressed with it.

I topstitched, but in the exact same colour as the denim, so it isn’t very noticeable. This was partly a time-saving choice, so I could just get it sewn in time without having to faff around with different threads. I made absolutely zero alterations to the pattern, but next time I would probably make the front pocket deeper and more phone-friendly. I really like the back of the dungarees, as there’s a proper back bib and the straps are a nice shape. They were comfortable to wear all day on holiday, and no chub-rub is a bonus!

I will definitely have to avoid wearing a yellow tshirt with them as I will look like a minion, but otherwise I am really pleased with these, they are just perfect for the summer. Thank you to Minerva for the fabric, bib and brace set and matching buttons, interfacing and thread. A quick tip before I sign off, you would need two spools of thread for this project, as I ran out with just one.