Hello Minerva readers! 

It’s been awhile since I shared a make with you - a year to be exact. I had a bit of a surprise in February of 2016 and delivered my son five weeks early. Crazy, right? Grayson is now almost a year and doing great, but I took some time off from making/blogging to get adjusted to motherhood. Now I’m back and diving into Woven Fabrics - a change from my go-to Knit Fabrics!

This beautiful indigo Chambray Fabric has been sat in my sewing room for quite awhile. When I was originally brainstorming what pattern I wanted to use, I thought of a staple chambray shirt which would go with just about any bottom. About a month ago my mind completely changed as I was reading the description of Seamwork Magazine’s Brooklyn skirt. “What about a chambray circle skirt?” And the rest was history.

This fabric was a dream to sew with - I absolutely love it! The pattern I was inspired by, Seamwork’s Brooklyn, was the pattern I ultimately chose for this make. It’s a circle skirt with an pleat in the front and invisible zip in the back. With only three pattern pieces to print and sew this was a breeze to put together! I had a few hiccups with the pleat, but could you tell until I just now told you?! 

I wore this outfit to work and sat at my desk all day before coming home to take pictures, and that’s why the skirt looks a tad on the wrinkled side. It’s been a fairly mild winter here in Pennsylvania, so I paired it with light tights and a jersey cardigan (so it looks like fall), but this piece is definitely an all-season garment. I see this with a cute tank top and sandals in the summer, too!

If I had more of this chambray I would definitely make a classic button down or summer dress. It’s such a versatile fabric! What would you make out of chambray? Anything I haven’t thought of or mentioned?