I’m sure we’re all at the point where we’re starting to create new year resolutions, and goals for 2016. As a bit of a list-lover (I’m joking – ‘a bit of’ doesn’t even begin to cover my love of a good list) I really enjoy this time of year for reflection and thinking about my aims for the year ahead. I decided to create these embroidered inspiration hoops to keep me on task and inspired. You could make them specific to your resolutions or more general life mottos to energise you each day.

You will need:

10cm Embroidery Hoop

Backing fabric – I used Plain Cotton Fabric in Royal Blue

Embroidery threads – I used these in rainbow

Here's how you make them;

Cut a square of fabric to fit into your embroidery hoop with a few cms spare around the edge.

Choose your resolution or life motto.

Either draw your words onto the fabric in air eraseable pen so you can follow the lines when you’re sewing or you could freestyle. I stitched the ‘Be Brave’ motif freestyle but followed pen lines for the ‘creativity’ motif because I wanted to capture my handwriting in the embroidery.

Secure your fabric into the embroidery hoop, keeping the lettering as central as possible.

When it comes to the sewing you have loads of options. The simplest is to follow the lines using backstitch – this works really well if you’re following your own handwriting. If you want to work with block letter I really enjoyed adding texture with satin stitch and the beautiful graduated tones of the embroidery floss add beautiful decorative detail naturally. You could also play around with typography styles, or adding more decorative embroidery stitches as a border or details around your lettering.

To finish your hoops adjust the fabric to make sure your embroidery is in the right position and the screw for the hoop is at the top. Then sew with a running stitch all around the loose fabric at the back – keeping about 1cm away from the edge of the embroidery hoop. Gather and knot to secure. Trim the excess fabric and add a ribbon to the top of your hoop to secure.

Happy crafting

Hannah x