Hey guys,

Sarah from Wanderstitch here with another Minerva make, and this one is so awesome - you're gonna love it! It has dinosaurs!

I like to make something for the husband every now and then, so when choosing fabrics for my Minerva blogger network posts I usually let him pick a fabric for himself. OK so the makes for him might more often than not be a shirt, but hey - it's the thought that counts, right?

Usually, Liberty lawn is my go-to fabric for shirts, but Minerva Crafts are now stocking a wide range of Art Gallery Poplin Fabrics in uber-cool prints, and I couldn't resist. I've seen this dinosaur print in Canvas Fabric before, but couldn't really figure out what I would make it into... so when I saw that this very same print was available on a Poplin Fabric I did a little dance because I knew I could make a shirt from it.

Even though I chose a handful of fabrics for the husband to pick from for his shirt (I have to whittle the choice down for him rather than let him loose with everything!), I knew straight off the bat that this would be the one he chose. I mean, it's got dinosaurs on it - why wouldn't you choose it? (He's a bit of a dino geek, too, which probably influenced the decision).

The fabric is a really great weight, light enough to use for a shirt but with enough body to also use for a dress or skirt.

I used my trusty Vogue V8759 Shirt Pattern, the short sleeve version, in a size 36.

The repeat on this fabric is really large-scale, so much so that on my almost two metres worth, I struggled to pattern match across the front. I cut the first front piece, only to then find that of the two possibilities for matching, one was too near the top (and the shoulder was cut off) and the other too near the selvedge so the side was cut off. I deliberated for a few minutes... do I abandon the pattern matching, and keep the front half I've already cut, or do I recut and hope I have enough to cut the remaining pieces? I eventually decided that I couldn't bring myself to abandon the pattern matching, and recut the fronts from scratch.

Thankfully, I managed to get all of the pieces cut - including the two side back pieces from the first front that I cut and abandoned. So one collar stand and one collar piece is cut off-grain... but they are on the inside and you can't really tell anyway (and the husband hasn't noticed!) so I'm cool with that.

I was a little worried about making the four-piece back (yoke, two sides and middle back) with such a large-scale print... because there's no way I had enough fabric to be able to pattern match it! But I think the fact that the pattern is so busy helps to cover up the piecing.

When I was choosing the binding for the hem and sleeves, the roll of hot pink hiding at the back was calling to me. Well, 'it matches the flowers' I thought, but the husband is never gonna go for that. When I was showing him the options available, I slipped the pink one in too... and he went for it :) :) :) Yay! The sleeves are hemmed with it too.

The shirt is finished off with some grey Shirt Buttons, attached with pink thread (because, why not?). I did consider pink buttons, but something drew me to the grey. I love these little cat eye buttons for shirts and Minerva sell them in a whole range of colours, so I think I might have just found my button supply for future shirts!

I actually really, really love the finished shirt - so does the husband - and the poplin was really lovely to work with. I would definitely use more prints from Art Gallery's poplin range - I mean, Liberty is great and all but I'm not sure they do prints with dinosaurs on it! There's also some lighter weight Lawn Fabrics by Art Gallery that could be good for shirts for me too - I might give those a try next time around. I'm excited that I may have discovered a whole new range of fabrics - think of all the shirts I can make now!

I hope I've inspired you to bring some dinosaur-awesomeness into your life :)

See you again next month!

Sarah // Wanderstitch