Hi Everyone, 
So I’m late to the Kielo dress party, and I have no excuse for that. It’s been on my make list for quite some time and I was really looking forward to finally being able to make it. I wanted something quite elegant, but easy to wear. So I thought a plain black version is just what I needed. 
The Sewing Pattern itself is by Named Clothing. It’s the first of Named’s patterns I’ve ever used. I must say for an indie pattern, it’s not the clearest. The paper quality is fabulous, but the instructions are very basic and with hardly any diagrams. So if you’re a beginner, you may find this a little tricky. 
It is a very quick pattern though, so once you’ve worked out what you have to do, it’s relatively fast to make. And I was surprised that such an elegant looking design was so easy! It’s so flattering too, I’ve seen it on so many different bloggers, and it always looks great. So it’s a must have for your pattern stash. 

The fabric I chose was this black textured Jersey Knit Fabric and I’m so happy with my choice. It’s super soft, super comfy and is the perfect weight. Not so heavy that it’s weighing me down, but not so light that it’s see-through and clingy. I’m just so in love with this fabric. 
I didn’t make any changes to this pattern. I kept it exactly as is. I even opted to finish the hems with a folded hem, rather than using bias tape. Mainly because I didn’t have any black bias tape in my stash! But it looks great.
I’m still not sure if I hemmed it right. I wanted it quite long and drapey, and knew I’d wear it with both flats and heels. But I could have gone a centimetre higher. I like it for the moment, but if I shrink, I might need to do some unpicking!
So to summarise, get this pattern because it’s super versatile and elegant. Remember the instructions and diagrams are vague, but once you see what you need to do, it’s very straight forward. And make sure you choose a really beautiful, soft, stretch fabric to make the most of this amazing dress.
I hope you like what I made, a little on the classy side for me! But I’m looking forward to sharing my next project with you all. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk