Happy new year folks!

It’s Emily from Self Assembly Required and I'm back again for the first of my blogger makes for the year!

This time I tackled the indie pattern company - I AM Patterns.

I AM is a French indie pattern company with a clean, modern aesthetic. They release their patterns in themed collections which can be easily identified by their names. Their most recent I AM WILD collection consisted of a lot of exotic animals…

This was my first time using this pattern company so I was very interested to see how they held up to other brands out there.

I chose the Juliette Blouse for my first foray into I AM Patterns. It’s a simple boxy blouse with cute little collar, short sleeves and a button up back. It only uses a metre of fabric so it’s the perfect make for when you’ve got that little bit of fabric leftover (or for when you want to use a more expensive fabric!).

I went with the Atelier Brunette Garance Cotton Lawn Fabric. (I love Atelier Brunette fabrics if you hadn’t realised – their quality and prints are superb!). It’s tomato red and covered in little white flowers. I chose little white Flower Shaped Buttons for the back which sound a bit naff but they were reminiscent of the white flowers in the print. I thought they’d either blend in perfectly or, at the very least, accent the floral print!

I made some changes to the pattern before I got started on this project. I did my usual fit alterations – grading out at the hip and a big bicep adjustment. I also lengthened it by an inch just in case. I’m always slightly wary when making clothes that hit at this length, though looking at the final garment I don’t think I needed the extra length.

I also made a rather big alteration to the collar. Not that it’s noticeable at all but I redrafted the collar piece. For some reason, they use a combined collar and collar stand thing which I just didn’t understand. I didn’t quite understand the pattern instructions regarding it either…

After a while of puzzling it over, I decided I’d be better off just drafting a new collar for myself. It’s really quite easy to do!

So I made new collar stand and collar pattern pieces (you just need to measure the length of the finished neckline and then it’s just drawing a couple of rectangles and some mild shaping). I kept the size and shape of it as close to the original as I could though!

I sewed it together like a regular collar, the only difference being that the upper collar comes in 2 pieces.

And here it is!

You can see that what I’ve done to the collar isn’t really noticeable and looks pretty much the same as the original which is what I was going for.

Here’s a little close up of the back. Those buttons worked out seriously well. I used a dark thread to sew them on to emulate the dark centres on the print itself. I love how it turned out! (Also please ignore the wrinkles – I really need to give this a good press!)

This is probably not the most weather appropriate make for January but it was just too cute to pass up!