Oh how I love a jumpsuit – so comfy and chic! I couldn’t wait to get started sewing my very own this month! I used this Butterick Pattern which also includes a pattern for a gorgeous relaxed maxi dress that I’m still looking for the perfect fabric to make it in.

I’m dreaming of summer at the moment (even if the weather won’t agree with me!) so I thought this beautifully leafy Jersey Fabric would be perfect. It’s the first time I’ve ever sewn with jersey, and even though as a sewing bee addict I’m well aware of the challenge I had no inkling of just how slippery this fine fabric would be. I still love the pattern and it’s really soft against the skin so it was just about worth it... just about... My final jumpsuit didn’t quite stick to the pattern (I didn’t add the pockets in the end, and I still need to add bias binding to the collar) but I think I can pull it off as a lazy day jumpsuit. I’d like to try the same pattern in a slightly less slippery fabric because the style is exactly what I like wearing and always struggle to buy.

So onto the jersey journey:

Because I have a really long body, we added an inch more length in both the front and back of the pattern. This pattern is really simple to cut as it’s only 2 main pieces plus pockets... although again with jersey even this took twice as long as I would have expected (note to self: must buy Fabric Weights for the future). I used slip stitch for the majority of sewing up and a little bit of hand sewing here and there when the jersey got too much to handle!

I had zipper foot issues on the sewing machine so I had to work around it with a little hand sewing. The zip is really really long (22”) and to be honest because of the stretch in the jersey I think we easily could have made it half the length and still had the right fit, but for half of the stress.

The fabric was actually lovely to sew once you got started but I haven’t quite finished this make. I still need to add bias binding and as that was another new technique for me I just didn’t have the energy to get through that in the same day. It’s on my list (although cheekily I think I can almost get away without it in the photo!).

I’ll definitely be making another jumpsuit soon – but I might try cotton instead :)