Hello everyone and happy New Year!

For my first MCBN post of 2019 I wanted to try out something a little bit more challenging: mash-up two patterns to create a new one.

I’ve been going through a jumpsuit phase lately (to be honest, it started back in the summer and never went away) so I decided to make one by combining the Rachel Trousers and the Kimberly dress. These are both patterns that I have designed in 2018 and because I know them so well, I fell quite comfortable to play around with their features.

The fabric I chose for this jumpsuit is a lovely floral crepe that has an amazing drape to it. However, I knew it was going to be too thin for the Kimberly bodice. While the Rachel trousers can work beautifully in something as drape as this crepe, that bodice needs a fabric with a little bit more weight and body to it, to keep its shape better.

So what I decided to do is to fully line the bodice (apart from the sleeves), using a cotton poplin that I had in my stash. This involved a little bit of hand sewing, but the end result worked out perfectly and I am really pleased!

The process I followed was pretty much the same as with the summer version of the Kimberly dress, which you can read about in my previous MCBN post.

To create this jumpsuit, I had to make a few changes to the pattern pieces. First of all, I had to lengthen the waistband by 2 cm to match the circumference of the Kimberly bodice waistline. Then, I also had to move the pleats by a few centimeters towards the center front in order for them to align with the waist darts at the bodice. Finally, I also moved the waist darts on the back bodice, to align them with the darts on the back of the trousers.

I didn’t have any problems whatsoever while making this jumpsuit and I really love how it looks. I know it’s pretty loud and “out there” due to my bold fabric choice, but I can’t stay away from a statement piece and I can’t wait to wear it for a special occasion. The only thing that I’m probably going to change is chopping off the sleeves to make them short. I think this jumpsuit is going to be more of a spring/summer garment rather than a winter one.

I hope you enjoyed my little mash-up! If you have any questions in regards to the steps I followed, I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

Until the next time, happy sewing!