This is the kind of knit top I'm a bit short of in my wardrobe: one that's comfortable, but can also be dressed up when necessary. I don't know what it is about this pattern, (maybe it's the kimono sleeves?) but it definitely feels like it's a notch up from a plain old sweatshirt. The pattern I used was Burda 09/2011 108A which I've used once before for my striped kimono top.

This is so, so easy to make it's ridiculous, even more so if you're not pattern matching stripes. It probably takes about half an hour maximum to sew together. Well it would have if I hadn't encountered a few neckband issues along the way. I'll spare you the gory details but in short, I ended up having to unpick the neckband I'd overlocked in place. I then went back to my original plan, which was to turn the neckband under and stitch. The result was plain and simple (although admittedly, a bit baggier than when I started) but it looks absolutely fine.

I made a few other small changes to the pattern from last time. I lowered the neckline slightly, took a chunk of about four inches off the length (the top is very long in its original state) and lengthened the sleeves by two inches to make them wrist length.

The fabric - a white jersey knit with large black polka dots - is quite a bit stretchier than the striped jersey I used for my first version. Its now sold out on the Minerva webiste but you can find a ton of other jersey fabrics to choose from here.

I used the same size for both tops (size 38) but this one came out a lot baggier, probably because the fabric wasn't quite as clingy. I shaved about 1/2" from the shoulder seams and around the sides and this improved the fit. I sewed the whole top on my overlocker, apart from the hems and neckline which were topstitched with a twin needle.

Despite the misbehaving neckline, I really like this top. I've been wearing it for the past couple of days and because it's such a neutral palette of black and white, it teams up well with any colour of cardigan. Hoorah! x