Once again I choose a pattern based upon nursing. All of my clothing needs to have easy access for a starving, screaming baby. I figured a wrap dress would be perfect and it doesn’t scream “NURSING DRESS!”. This is McCalls 6959 – Wrap Dress(Side note: sorry about the lighting in the pictures)
I sewed up View A. When I started this my measurements were 37-31-40. On the back I should have went with a size 16 (38-31-40) but McCalls seems to have a lot of wearing ease and is always too big. I think I picked the perfect size because I love how it fits. Also, since it’s a wrap dress you have some wiggle room if the dress is too tight.
One warning, beware of one-way designed fabric. As you can tell on mine the design isn’t going vertical on the skirt. I think in the end it still looks pretty awesome. I love the design on this Camelot quilting fabric, it’s so fun and eye catching. Also, I did run out of bias tape. I swear I ordered enough, I think. So double check that and have some extra on hand - I've included some more in the materials list so you should have plenty.
Another great thing about this pattern is that you don’t have to worry about gusts of wind blowing your skirt open. This is a very common issue with most wrap dresses. I don’t want to have to wear a pair of shorts underneath my dress!
Something that the pattern doesn’t have but really needs – POCKETS! I swear, every single dress should come with them. I should have added some but honestly I forgot. When you have a baby going nuts next to you in an exersaucer you tend to forget things! (Don’t worry, he’s not always in the exersaucer, just happens he loves that thing while I sew – and if that’s how he stays happy for awhile, we got with it!)
Overall, great pattern and dress. I would recommend it if you like wrap dresses.
so out of focus.. oh well, he’s cute!