This is a Cotton Twill Fabric with some stretch. It's a medium weight stable fabric that would be perfect for the beginner seamstress. The crossgrain stretch means that you could sew a garment that is form fitting.

With bright geometric polygons that are filled with popping lilacs, pinks and turquoise I can't help but with associate this cotton twill print with liquorice. The print and colours are bold - apologetically so. There is a lovely 90s throwback vibe to this fabric that attracted me to it. Sort of reminds of those TV shows like Saved By The Bell. Can you tell I am a nineties kid at heart?

Selecting a sewing pattern to go with the cotton twill was quite the challenge. You see, this fabric is so versatile due to its stability and stretch that there are so many options that could it be a Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers or a Sew Different Cocoon Jacket? I could see many potential garments that would work equally beautifully for this material.Eventually I chose a Knipmode loose fitting dress from the May 2019 issue. Knipmode is a Dutch sewing magazine. The dress is a longline style with in seam pockets and a center back zipper with a slit neckline.

The dress came together with little issues. I had to think a bit about how best to tackle the facing as that also has a slit. In the end it all turned out well.

The magazine is in Dutch so I can't comment on the instructions; however the design lines are quite simple enough in this style for me to have gotten by with experience.

My size is 38 based on bust, waist and hip measurements. I have to say that the fit is what I’d expect from the loose fit style of the dress. The dress length is a bit longer on me since Knipmode drafts for 175cm height. In future I need to be aware of this so I can adjust any patterns.

I edit a large white ric rac on the sleeve seam to emphasize that interesting seam line. I have to say that I am glad I added that. It’s a fun design feature that makes the sleeve pop! All in all this has turned out a beautiful dress perfect for weekends meandering in towns and markets.

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