Hi guys, it’s Sophie from sopbac.com back again to show you my newest makes for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. Yes, I did say makeS!

During the colder months, like many others, I go for a more comfortable more snuggly kind of clothing. When I looked in my closet in the morning for something to wear I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t have many versatile knitted dresses. It was mostly the Moneta dress from Colette Patterns, Coco dress from Tilly and the Buttons, and Zephyr dress from Deer and Doe Patterns. Although I love these patterns I need more alternatives.

So I went in search of other knit dresses. I’ve become more confident with sewing with knits after I got Wendy Ward's new book (which you can read more about next week!), and I also recently got Tilly’s new book Stretch, so I’m all good on the knit front! But before the patterns in these books came to my life I had to look in my stash for knitted dresses that I wanted to make. All I knew was that I wanted a green dress.

There was a few contenders for which knit dress I was going to make and possibly become my new TNT (Tried and True) pattern. Here is a list of patterns that I have in my stash for knitted dresses that was considered: Heather dress and Ultimate wrap dress from Sew Over It Patterns, Wren dress from Colette, and Neenah dress and Mesa dress from Seamwork.

I narrowed it down to the Charleston dress from Hey June Patterns and the Zadie Dress Pattern from Tilly and the Buttons. Since I couldn’t decided which one of them I wanted to make, I made them both. So let’s meet the patterns! First up, Charleston:

The Charleston dress is a workhorse! It has seven (yes, seven!) sleeve options and two kinds of skirts. This makes the mixing and matching endless. I made the version with an elbow length sleeve and paneled skirt. I did make some alterations to the pattern to better suit me. I omitted the zipper at the back (that’s what is great about a knitted dress, no need for zips!), lengthen the bodice by 3 cm, graded the skirt from the waist size L to  a 2XL at the hips, and I made side seam pockets!

Originally, my plan was to make the A-line skirt, but I wanted to be “bold” and have something more fitted. And you know, because I have a lot of A-line dresses already. I’m so happy with the fabric choice, really liking the Scuba Fabric! This is the large leaf print scuba I’ve been eyeing for a long time. The print is so busy that I didn’t bother pattern matching at all. In summary, I liked the dress alot. I’m glad I graded it so much out at the hips that it is hugging my body, but not so much that I feel uncomfortable. Next time I will probably lengthen the bodice by another 2-3 cm.

Next up, Zadie:

I immediately loved this pattern once it came out. The shape is so flattering and the fact that it has huge pockets! The pattern came with two different sleeve options, full length sleeve or a cap sleeve. For my version I took the full length sleeve and cut it into an elbow length. I made the Zadie in a size 5.

I didn’t make any alterations for this pattern. I wanted to try is as is because in the description it said that the waist was an empire waist, which means it sits about 5 cm above the natural waist. For me with a long torso I‘d try to see if this was better for me. To be honest, I didn’t like it that much. The waistline hits me in an awkward place which gives me an odd shape in my opinion. I’ve taken in 2 cm by the waist on each side and it still a bit big and shapeless. The fabric for this dress is a combo where the black fabric is a Scuba Fabric and the green one is of water lilies in a green Ponte Knit. For the next time I will be going down a size and maybe lengthen the bodice a bit.

My hometown, Sandefjord, had these murals around town. They were painted last summer, and I wanted to take my photos with some of them while I was home for Easter. So here are the two murals in the picked out. There was a lot more, but some of them were covered in shoveled snow and others where car parked in front of them, so these where the best ones.

Let me say that this is not a post about which pattern is better than the other, because this is a question about taste and preferences. We all have our own opinion and can make our own decisions. I fell in love with the Zadie dress from the moment it came out, and I’ve been amazed by all the beautiful dresses that have come from it. But sadly, for me, the pattern doesn’t suit my body shape. The Charleston dress was a much better fit for me, and I love how many versions you can get out of this one pattern.

Jumping for sun, new dress and joy!