For those of you who have visited my blog before, you may know that I have many, hidden, crafty talents (or so I like to think!). I don't just make pretty dresses, floaty skirts and floral tops – I also LOVE making things for around my home. And I'm also no stranger to knitting! That's why, for this month's Blogger Network project, I decided to have a go at making this fantastic knitted Union Jack Cushion.

The Union Jack cushion knitting pattern is by Sirdar Hayfield and uses their Bonus DK yarn in 3 different colours: navy, merlot and alpine. It requires you to knit using the intarsia technique (or fairisle) which can take a little practice if you've not done it before. My mum taught me how to do fairisle knitting last year and I absolutely love doing it now, even if I do get in a bit of a tangle a lot of the time!

If you need help learning how to knit using the intarsia or fairisle technique then head over to YouTube where there are lots of handy guides.

Now for the confession – I haven't actually finished making my Union Jack cushion properly. You're meant to knit a flag for both sides of the cushion but I completely ran out of time so the back of my cushion is currently non-existent. Yes, this is a WIP. I'm considering just doing the back of the cushion in a striped design using the leftover yarn too – I'm not sure I have the patience to knit another flag when I can hear so many other soon-to-start projects calling!

Does anyone else find that fairisle knitting can be quite exhausting, and that you can only do a couple of rows at a time? Hopefully not just me. Because of this, this knitted project took me many, many days to complete (and it's still not finished!). It looks pretty good though, right? I mean, just look at the back of my knitted flag – it's almost as beautiful as the front! I might display it inside out...

Don't let my impatience discourage you though. This is a really fun pattern to knit from and I love how you can see the British flag emerging row by row as you follow the chart. It's going to look fab on my sofa!