It’s a funny thing being crafty sorts, that we often have a preference for a particular craft, often to the extent that there will be crafts that we love and others that we won’t touch.

Although I can sew and crochet, and I know how to knit, I am not much of a knitter. My mum taught me to knit at about the same age that she showed me how to crochet and how to use the sewing machine, but I never managed to get the hang of it.

A few months ago, a new chapter began in my crafting journey.

It started on a bus in Oslo.

It was the end of October, already bitterly cold, and sleeting.

On the bus, sitting near the front, was a lady.

This lady was knitting. I don’t know what she was making. She was using double pointed needles and some red yarn. It was probably socks or mittens, or maybe a hat. The extent of my Norwegian stretches no further than “Do you you speak English?”, so I couldn’t ask her!

As I watched her knit round and round, I noticed that she was actually knitting in a different way to how I had been shown. They way she was knitting looked a lot more like the technique you use for crochet.

On further investigation, I discovered that the Norwegian lady on the bus’ way of knitting is actually a thing called continental knitting.

Lots of crocheting non-knitters use this way of knitting as they find it easier. There’s a video on YouTube showing how to do this here.

Having discovered this, I realised what I knew all along. I am a knitter at heart!

In order to try out my newly found knitting abilities, I needed some yarn and I needed a project.

I love the idea of knitting socks. So I had a hunt around and found this sock tutorial from Arne and Carlos. They call it the easiest sock pattern in the world. I have never made socks before so I can’t say whether it is, but I managed to knit a sock! The pattern starts at the toe end of the sock and you knit the sock to fit your foot. This means that you can use needles of any size and any weight of yarn.

The yarn I used was this lovely Self Striping Yarn, and this in grey Plain Yarn for the heel. It’s 4 ply yarn with a high wool content, so my sock is lovely and soft. I’m looking forward to having a warm foot when the cold weather comes back! The stripes are pretty and took no effort at all as it was all in the yarn!

I’m still not much of a knitter and the stitches are not very even, but I’m hoping it will get better with practice.

So if you crochet but you’ve never got on with normal person knitting, you might still find that you are a knitter if you give it a try!