Hi there,

It's a pleasure to be here over at Minerva crafts again! I created a crochet hot water bottle for Minerva crafts last month and I've had so much fun making these little lace houses for battery operated tea lights to keep the house beautifully lit this Christmas ^_^

Take your roll of lace fabric, cut a piece of lace measuring 8" x 11" The roll of lace is the correct height so just take a piece 8" wide. Place your lace on top of a large piece of cling film or wax paper and squirt some of the fabric stiffener onto your lace and paint over with a paint brush. Be generous! You might want to cut off a few squares of lace and do some tests with the fabric stiffener to see how much you want to use. I used quite a lot to make the lace stiff and to create a rather opaque look in between the little threads. Leave your fabric to dry - this can take up to a day or so depending on how warm your home is. I put mine beside the radiator so it dried a little faster!

I used a template created by Yvonne of Yvestown and you can get the templates here.

When you download the template you will see it's laid out for creating paper houses, I cut one square of the template (that I printed on white card for stiffness) and I used it for cutting four pieces of lace.

This means there will be an open top and an open bottom. Use a hot glue gun to attach your sides together. Be very careful not to burn yourself or burn the lace with the hot part of the glue gun. (I did both of those things!) Print the roof templates also and cut those out of your lace, include the little flap for the paper as you use hot glue on that to attach it to the inner piece of your lace box.

It's a beautiful little craft and make sure you use battery operated tea lights. I don't want to be the cause of any fires! It has not been tested properly with tea lights but I wouldn't advise it. It is better to be safe than sorry!

I'm so excited about Christmas and I would love to hear if you make these!

Have a great and crafty December!