Hi Everyone! Hope you all having a fabulous May already. For my next blog post for the network I wanted to make something super colourful and summery. 

I found this floral coral Lace Fabric on the Minerva website and just fell in love with the colour. There’s a trend at the moment with lacy skirts that I really love, where the lace overlay is long but the underskirt is shorter, so you get the beautiful delicate see-through lace at the base of the skirt. I made the mood board below to gain inspiration for the style I liked. 

I decided I liked the mini underskirt with a longer overlay the best. I wanted this to be a super easy make, so thought I’d do a gathered stye skirt for both layers. 

I cut the lace to the length I wanted and made the width double my waist measurement. I did the same with a piece of bright pink Polycotton Fabric. The lace is super wide so you get a lot out of it too!

I first joined the side seams of both skirts. Then hemmed the bottom of the underskirt. I joined both layers together by tacking them first then overlocking them when I was happy.

Once overlocked, I got some bright Coloured Elastic and cut a piece to fit my waist plus a bit extra for overlapping. I pinned the overlap and zig zagged them together to make a full circle of elastic which perfectly fitted my waist. 

I then put a pin at 4 points on both the skirt and elastic - front, back and sides, all equal distance apart. I then joined these exactly. the unpinned parts is where you stretch the elastic under the machine flat to the skirt. Thus creating a perfectly gathered and elasticated skirt. 

One mistake I did make was cutting the length of lace in a straight line, forgetting I wanted to cut around the flowers to make the bottom edge pretty. So the bottom edge doesn’t have full flowers cut! I could have cut out full flowers for the bottom edge, but I would be losing a good 10cm off the length and I was so happy with the length it was!

So I hope this inspires you to make the perfect lace skirt for you. It’s a great piece to have for weddings this summer too, just make sure you get the bottom edge nicer than mine!

Looking forward to my next post! Happy Handmade!

Sophia x 

@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk