Sewing lingerie is not only a very satisfying, but also an incredibly quick process. If on average, dressmaking requires lots of steps, a typical bra can be made in a day or two. Even if you have to get creative, dye your elastics and make a bra closure out of hooks and eyes. 
I've already made a Watson bra in the past and I loved it a lot. My first one was more of a casual and comfy one, featuring cosy cotton, plastic notions and fold over elastics. I loved the fit and support this bra provides and decided to use this pattern for a more sophisticated one. I really love the combination of a nude colour base and black lace. That was the reason behind getting this beautiful lace from Minerva’s range. I also added beige cotton jersey which I used for my bullet bra. I cut the double layer of main fabric and one of lace for each pattern piece, apart from the bridge - it was doubled with some silk organza. The fabric and lace choice was perfect. It provides that sheer lace illusion on the outside and such a soft and comfortable feeling of cotton on the inside. Which, of course, is a much skin-friendlier material than any typical lingerie synthetic fabric. 
I barely adjusted the pattern. All I had to do was make sure that the pieces are wide enough for the straps and plush back elastic I used. I also adjusted them to keep the scallop edges of the cups, bridge and back pieces. 
This bra is the 4th one so far I’ve made and for all of them, I used a wide plush back elastic. It might be a coincidence and I simply picked the right patterns, but I honestly believe that this elastic is the secret behind the great support of the bra. It’s width holds everything in place. I’ve never made a Watson bra with an elastic of the recommended width, so I can’t tell how it fits, but those two I made feel no different from underwire versions. 
The bra straps I used were the snow-white Hemline ones….and I dyed them myself with black tea. It took about 4-5 teabags that I threw in boiling water. And then, once the water was not as hot, I put the straps and other elastics in it and left them sitting in the tea overnight. In the morning I washed them with soap to get rid of the excess dye and rinsed with vinegar. And that’s the colour I got, a nice nude one! I’m sure they’ll be fading with further washing, but I’ve read that this method doesn’t give them a chance to get back to a pure white colour. 
As for the bra closure, I made it myself too. I used some regular hooks and eyes and beige cotton from my scraps. It’s very easy to make but does require some hand sewing. But the result is worth it, especially because you can make it in any colour you need and in any width or length. I’m very happy with how my lace Watson bra turned out and I’m intending to make many more in different colours and lace designs.