Hi there everyone. It’s my turn to show you what I’ve made this month and it’s has taking me a long time to come to this point.

I’ve made myself a pair of jeans again. Every time is a struggle to be fitting it to my body shape so here it goes.

For making these jeans I used the Ginger Jeans Pattern from Closet Case Patterns. Specifically view B, the high-waisted ones, because my pear shape bottom doesn’t do mid-rise jeans which view A is.

I made the jeans in one of Lady McElroy newest fabrics, the Stretch Denim Fabric in black. The fabric contains 98 % cotton and 2 % spandex. I’ve always found it hard that to know which denim is considered being OK to use since 2 % spandex does not necessarily mean 20 % stretch. But I was lucky and the fabric made a nice pair of jeans.

To make up the jeans there is a list of notions that one needs to have to finish the jeans neatly, making it look like store bought ones. This includes a jeans zipper (duh), jeans button, topstitching thread, rivets, interfacing and lining fabric for your pockets. I was considering making my jeans in a green or red topstitching thread but went with the more traditional colour making it in brass instead.

This was my first time installing rivets and I think it totally makes up the whole jeans! I poked holes using an awl for inserting the rivets. It was very efficient until I stabbed myself and bleed over my jeans… I installed the rivets on the front pockets by the side seams, coin pocket and the two back pockets.

My back has always been the problem, and this time is no different. I’ve made a full butt adjustment, gaping back adjustment and full calf adjustment. By the time I was about to sew on the back pockets I read on the sew along that Heather Lou was originally making the back pockets bigger, and the templates were there for downloading, I’d already cut out my pocket so went with the one with the pattern, but definitely next time.

If you see the horizontal lines in my back pockets it’s not my pantie lines, but I added a little feature to the back pocket. It’s hard to describe, but also hard to show in photos, but I’m going to try. I’ve added a little piece of knit fabric to each back pocket sewed in by the top and sides by the topstitching so that the lower part is free. Why? You know when you have something in your back pocket, let us say your phone, and it’s bigger than the pocket? So when you walk around or take off your jeans to go to the bathroom your phone might slip and fall? This little piece of fabric holds my phone in place when I cover it up. Did you get it?

For the pocket lining I used a yellow cotton print with cherries I already had in my stash making up the pockets and waistband lining. I love the idea to sew the right side of the fabric to show inside. Makes it so much more fun since you can’t see the inside of the pocket anyway!

That was it from me for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my make this month. But make sure to tune in for next months post since I’ll be showing you something completely different!

Sophie out!