I wanted to try something different from sewing for this months Minerva projects and when Vicki suggested a Latch Hooking Kit I was intrigued enough to agree. I remember as a child my mother having a latch rug on the go, but I don’t seem to remember seeing it on the floor! Hmmm.

Anyway, this kit I chose is a great starter as the finished item only measures 12” square. The kit comes with everything you need except for the latch hook itself (but Ive icluded it in my materials list for you).

The instructions recommend that you unpack everything first and sort the colours out into individual colours, which I did. There are instructions on how to latch hook which were simple to follow.

It was very pleasant sitting down in the evenings doing something “homely” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At first progress seemed slow but in no time at all I was working my last block!

In case you are wondering the kit comes with a colour coded pattern, much the same as counted cross stitch, but it is much easier to follow. You complete one block at a time before moving onto the next one.

There are options for finishing the piece of work once it is completed and there is a really good easy to follow instruction booklet to download. It explains how to turn your work into a rug, wall hanging, cushion etc. I chose the cushion.

To complete my cushion I took a Fat Quarter of Fabric in a pink spot to match the design on the front, and cut it to size after first carefully trimming the rug canvas to about an inch. 

Then I pinned the fabric to the cushion front, right sides together, and machine sewed it in place. I was nervous about using my sewing machine, but it worked well. I completed one side at a time, pushing the tufts out of the way and stitching close to the tufts themselves. I chose the longest stitch my sewing machine has and stitched carefully and slowly so that the needle went into the holes and did not break on hitting the hard canvas. Ladies this was one occasion when I did not use a new needle!

I did three sides in this manner. I clipped the corners off and turned it right sides out. I then inserted a cushion pad and slip stitched the remaining side closed by hand.

It was a really easy project and would suit an older child – there are lots of designs which would appeal to a child certainly. If you feel more adventurous then go for one of the bigger kits, but take heed of my warning - it is very addictive!

I hope that you enjoyed this rather different project from me. It is always good to try something new, so I hope that you too will choose your kit and get latching.

Angela x