I still think late summer is it’s own thing. We may well get one more blast of warm weather, you never know, but the light has changed. The summer sun is on the retreat, and I can feel it. I love sewing summer dresses more than anything, but I’m a practical lady, and in August I do start looking to the season ahead. I start thinking about my colour palette, but also in what can be layered up with tights and sweaters. This is probably the season when I sew my most versatile pieces, come to think of it. 
My palette for autumn tends to favour jewel tones, and I’m also finding a lot of late-80’s/early-90’s inspiration right now, so this soft, breezy viscose challis was irresistible. The print reminds me of liquorice all-sorts, and with this pattern I feel like the whole thing reads 80’s-does-40’s. I’m into it. 
I had bookmarked a few versions of this pattern, V8577, in the past, but kept putting it off in favour of simpler, quicker dresses. This bodice may look simple (and it is, really), but it has no fewer than 10 pieces. The skirt has something like 11. I hand-finished the armholes and neckline instead of lining, and even though I had to stay up till midnight with a beer and half a season of Schitt’s Creek to do it, it was worth every minute. 
While it was time-consuming, it wasn’t technically difficult, and I like the relaxed fit. I feel smart but not overdressed. Something about a good button can really bring a project together. I bought these square beauties separately from Minerva, but I’m afraid I have to tell you that I cleared them out. I bought all they had in stock, and it ended up being the perfect amount! something like this would work just as well, in my opinion. 
I couldn’t get a good twirl picture, but this skirt has excellent volume and movement. This pattern uses a lot of fabric, especially if you line it as recommended, so it’s good to use a nice but affordable viscose like this. Again - for me, the perfect balance between special and relaxed. I will wear this all the time. 
Very few changes were made for fit. I cut the pattern based on my bust size, and shortened the bodice. I shortened the skirt a lot too, mostly to fit it in the cut of fabric. I think a slightly longer midi-length would be killer for this too. The whole time I was making it, I was thinking, what a faff - next time I’ll just make a True Bias Shelby, but now I do actually think I could revisit the pattern in the future for another version.It’s just so wearable. 
For now, I shall wear it just like this. In a month or two, black tights and a cardigan. The colours in the fabric are all perfect for autumn and even into winter. In short, it ended up being the best thing I’ve made all year!
Thanks for reading, friends. See you next month, when it won’t be a dress! Shock, horror!
Jo x