I am rather late to the cutting table with the Linden Sweatshirt. I have had the pattern for ages and ogled lots of versions online but I never seemed to be able to find the right fabric. Some were too kitsch, some sported childish designs and some were not the right thickness. 

Anyway... I have found what I was looking for at Minerva, a fleeced backed Sweatshirt Fabric by Lady McElroy in bottle green. It is a cotton/polyester mix. The reason I went for a plain colour is because I am a bit of a fan of flowery trousers and I have the Ness skirt in my sewing queue so it would work with a lot of my current wardrobe. Also, I am in need of the country-woman-look for walking the dog hence the whistle necklace accessory!

The pattern is easy to follow and the fabric is easy to work with. It does not have a huge amount of stretch so I ended up cutting the neck binding three times before I could ease in the neckline. In the end, to get the ease, I cut the neck binding on the bias (not following the grainline indicated on the pattern piece)this was a good decision and allowed the binding to lie flat and not pucker or sag.

I really like the wide waistband on the pattern. I had to take some out of the shorten line on the bodice pieces because I have a short waist but it didn't affect the shape. Before I attached the band, I appliqued a small piece of my Ness Skirt fabric to the hem. They will be definite partners now!

I'm really pleased with my sweatshirt and I will keep my eyes peeled for some more sweatshirt fabric on my sewing adventures. In fact Minerva have a Fur Lined Jersey Fabric at the moment that would be perfect.

The dog wasn't the photo prop I thought he would be...Sigh...

Thanks Minerva for a wonderful fabric.

Jo xx