It’s that time of the month again, sewing peeps. My turn to show you my make of the month for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. You can also see my other makes over at my own blog at

You might notice that it’s getting chilly outside, and people just don’t go sleeveless anymore. Reasonably enough. It’s the time of year to put away the light coloured summer dresses and wear darker colours and trousers. Well, not on my watch! If I can I’ll go with summer dresses all year long. So I do.

The only thing you need to add to the dress is a good cardigan and some tights. I don’t make my own tights, but I do make my own cardigans! For this blog post, I’ve chosen to make the Juniper Cardigan from Jennifer Lauren Handmade, to add layers to my wardrobe, and I must say it has been lacking it. I have two cardigans that are store bought, that’s about it. So that’s a gap that I needed to fill.

I choose three different colours where the fabrics were three different kinds. The first one was textured knitted Stretch Jersey Fabric in the colour thatch, my second one was a plain Viscose and Lycra Jersey Fabric in colour burgundy, and third was the John Kaldor Jersey Fabric in colour french navy.

I only made the cropped version of the cardigan, because that is what goes best with waisted dresses in my opinion. The amazing thing is that you only need one single meter of the stretchy fabric of your choice to make this cardigan.

First one is my thatch coloured cardigan. This is the one and only cardigan I made with the ¾ length sleeves. It is also the only one that doesn’t have round buttons. I really like the feeling of this fabric. It’s incredibly soft but has texture as well. The colour is a bit darker than what I wanted, but then again I’ve never heard of the colour thatch before. To show you with a dress I wore this cardigan with my Kevin dress, which is the B6453 from Butterick by Gertie.

Second up is my burgundy cardigan in viscose and lycra fabric. This fabric is so soft, but in my opinion harder to work with and creases fast. I like the feeling of putting it on, but after a days wear it loses its shape and becomes loose. It recovers in the wash though. I would definitely recommend it for a loosely fitted cardigan. Together with this cardigan, I paired it up with my Thumper dress, which is the Centauree dress from Deer and Doe.

Last but not least is my french navy fabric from John Kaldor. This is my favourite one. The reason for it being my favourite despite it being made of polyester is its recovery with the spandex. It holds it's shape no matter what, and doesn’t crease easily either, win-win! I wore this cardigan with my Pascal dress, which is the Kim dress from By Hand London.

For the buttons on the cardigans I managed to find buttons with similar colours to the fabric as possible. That was easy because of Minerva Crafts inventory pictures is usually like the real thing. I needed five buttons that go with the cardigans, and the size needed to be about 15mm, and to my preference, they needed to be two hole buttons. So, for the thatch cardigan, I got dill heart shape buttons in mustard, for the burgundy I got flat top narrow rim buttons in burgundy, and for the french navy matt smartie buttons in navy. The only one that was a bit brighter than the cardigan was the navy one, maybe that has something to do with the fabric being french navy instead of plain navy, I don't know. You can find links to all the buttons and fabrics I used in my materials list to the top right of this blog post.

This last picture is a little detail of the raglan sleeve. It’s beautiful how such a small detail can get your attention, don’t you think? What about your wardrobe? Do you wear dresses even though it’s getting colder outside?