Do one ever have a good enough reason for staying in bed all Sunday without being sick? Didn’t think so. The best thing about the weekends is that you usually get to sleep in. Even though I go to bed at a reasonable hour during the weekdays, I never wake up fully rested when the alarm clock rings in the morning. I’m actually a very lazy person if you didn’t know. I’ll get things done if I have to, IF I had to, but otherwise I could lay on the sofa all day, every day, watching Netflix. Wouldn’t be good for my metal or physical health, but I would think that I could anyway. Oh, by the way, it’s Sophie here from giving you a really lazy Sunday report.
For this lazy project I wanted something light and floral. In my mind, I first thought of a rayon challis, but when I came upon this fabric I couldn’t resist it. The fabric is a white lightweight cotton lawn with gorgeous blue flowers on it.
The fabric is a 100 % cotton, and breathes very well, and makes it perfect for my project. The width of the fabric is 140 cm (56 inches), and I got myself 5 meters of this bad boy. I made a kimono and dress from it, but it will also suitable for shirts, blouses and tops as well.
The Suki kimono has been on my mind for a comfortable loungewear to wear during the weekend for a while. My idea was to make a simple dressing gown, the other ready to wear dressing gowns I have is of the short kind and not that comfortable. Luckily, Helen from Helen’s Closet released her Suki kimono pattern that fitted right into my plans.
I made View A of the pattern, the longest one because I think it looks really fancy with a drapey long kimono dressing gown. The details on the kimono is worth a section itself. The inner together with the outer ties makes you walk and jump up and down freely without worrying about accidentally flashing someone. It’s also great that you can have contrasting collar to give it more of a pop, but I went for the all in one fabric type. The back ties are actually sewn into the back piece so you will never lose it!
So, when I have a kimono I do need to make a comfortable lounge dress to go with it, right? Yeah, thought so. I haven’t made any more Ogden camis since my first MCBN post, but when I made the camies I immediately thought about lengthening it into a simple slip dress. Then Bianca from Sleepless in Bavaria had the same thought and executed it before I could say “Great Idea”, she didn’t only make one, but THREE matching Suki kimono and Ogden dress pairs. So I’m copying her idea in making this combination. I did a minor hack to the back. I leveled it out at the top so I could more easily see what was front and back since I'm out of labels for now. 
I have put this outfit on every saturday morning and threw it in the wash on sunday night the past weekends since I made it. The fabric is so soft and everything just hangs loose on my body. The Suki kimono has pockets, so I didn’t need to make pockets to my Ogden dress. This is seriously one of the most comfortable best makes I’ve made recently.  Would totally recommend.