I’ve been wanting to make something in leather fabric for a while as I love the look and texture so much – although I have to admit the heaviness of the fabric puts me off a bit... so when I spotted this luxurious faux leather fabric in a beautiful rich marbled wine colour I couldn’t resist! I decided to knock up a case for my tablet – another make that’s been on the to do list for months and months.

You Will Need;

Step One: Start by measuring your tablet on the back of your fabric to work out the width and allow a 1.5cm seam allowance on top of this. For the length simply fold up your fabric around your tablet – you’ll need just under 3 times the height. I made all of my markings in pencil on the back of the fabric. Cut your fabric out.

Step Two: Place your tablet in the centre and fold up the bottom of the leather to create the pocket in which your tablet will sit. Lightly mark each corner in pencil. Now using your sewing machine sew each side of this pocket 1cm from the edge. What I particularly loved about this fabric is that while it looks quite heavy it’s actually thin enough to sew really easily on the sewing machine – no special needles required! Trim the seams down if you need to.

Step Three: I decided to give the top of my case a scalloped edge to make the final look slightly more feminine. I measured the width, made a semi circle template 4cm wide and drew around this along the top, before cutting the excess away.

Step Four: To secure the case sew two buttons on to the front – one on your top flap, and one on the main case, directly above each other. I was delighted when I spotted these buttons as they had the perfect marble effect to match the case (win!). Cut a length of about 25cm of your embroidery thread and tie around the top button. To secure your case simply wind the thread around the two buttons in a figure of 8.

What do you think? I love how my new tablet case looks – it feels really smart and chic. Also the fabric gives just enough cushioning to the case without adding too much bulk – perfect for when I need to take it to work.